Heavy Rain & Dust Storm: Tree Fell in Front of Hema Malini's Convoy in Mathura
Tree fell in front of Hema Malini's Convoy (Photo Credits: ANI)

Mathura, May 14: Owing to the bad weather conditions, which involved heavy rains, and dust storm in the district, a tree fell in front of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Hema Malini's convoy in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura. There has been no information on any casualties, or injuries so far.

A squall and dust storm followed by rain lashed the northern states of India on Sunday, bringing a sudden change in the weather. The strong winds and rain have demolished homes and displaced trees across the nation, killing many people. More than 41 people have been killed in the thunderstorm.

A potentially deadly weather has been forcasted by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) for the next few days. Flight movements at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport have been put on hold, due to the thunderstorm and about 70 flights have been diverted due to bad weather conditions in Delhi.

(With inputs from ANI)