Marvans Mobile is the story of grit, determination and all the things that make an entrepreneur Successful. Mr. Wahid Badami, the man behind the most beloved electronics store of Vadodara, is a young business leader, who has built everything from scratch. The story started in the year 2012, when Mr. Wahid, an ardent fan of Apple products, decided to start a business selling their products. His aim was to make Apple products accessible and affordable to everyone. His hardworking nature, dedication and determination led him to grow his enterprise and establish 3 stores in a few years. Based out of Vadodara, Marvans success story saw its own set of challenges too.

Having a vision of growth and a sight of the future, Wahid understood the importance of social media as the marketing tool of the times, and worked on building a unique brand, creating content, engaging with customers, and redefining how retail businesses used these platforms. Having grown a strong following of over 150K followers on instagram, the brand and business came under a coordinated cyber attack which led to the takedown of the page. Not getting deterred by this, he restarted his account, and leverages his experience and team to reach over 200K followers within a year. Their USP along with affordable pricing is their social media presence which helped people from across the country engage and connect with them. With the motto of 'Marvans hai toh mumkin hai' their posts and digital content is relatable, engaging and appealing.

Recently, the brand entered the online selling space and have garnered a strong following and customer base pan india.

Wahid Badami says, "It's essential to balance between quality and quantity. Over the years I have learnt that digitally growing requires an effort of providing content where customers get to engage. And that's when you hit the bulls eye. I'm happy to serve so many people over these years. I got to learn so much from them and will continue serving their needs in future too. Our digital selling will make things easier for our customers and we aim to provide them with the best deals and pricing for them."