Digital marketing is ubiquitous in today's business operations and if you aren't using it, you are diminishing the chances of future growth. Gratify Digital is a digital marketing company based in Delhi NCR that is helping many businesses and small and mid-tier companies to integrate digital marketing with their current business operations. Gratify Digital has an overwhelming client retention rate whilst offering digital marketing services with the purpose of utmost satisfaction to the clients.

Ever since the pandemic erupted, the business growth came to a screeching halt with many physical stores facing imminent shutdown with no respite for the foreseeable future. Many companies relied on basic documentation and stores to connect with clients that aren't possible in the current situation of abrupt lockdowns. Gratify Digital is leveraging Digital marketing tactics to help businesses push their products and services online and minimise the exorbitant cost on their physical locations that have been dormant for quite some time.

Revenues and employee retention were drastically affected due to the pandemic. Gratify Digital came to the rescue of such businesses by giving them a helping hand with their marketing efforts. With bare minimum requirements of just a computer and an internet connection in some cases, the business operations are now back in motion owing to the digital solutions implemented by them. The owners of Gratify Digital are incessantly working towards expansion and are eying a global transcendence within a few years. They have already opened a sister branch of Gratify Digital titled 'Gigaweb Media' to ensure equal attention to USA clientele as well.

Mr Shubham Mishra shares the present state of digital marketing services around the globe. He says, "Our small and medium-sized enterprises now have to combat with large e-commerce giants and other established brands that might not have a superior product but have adequate marketing behind them. Gratify Digital is helping these businesses establish a positive reputation on the internet with a prominent presence in the search engine rankings as well. We always advise our clients to look at digital marketing as a way of doing business and a strategy for the future. It is no gimmick to rank above the competition and merely ranking above is only half the battle. You have to stay in that position too”.

“We aren't interested in selling dubious services that do not generate results and focus on implementing ethical SEO strategies and digital marketing campaigns only." - Mr. Imran Khan