A 53-year-old man, who went to Nandi Hills for vacations, along with wife, slipped from a cliff and met a tragic end. While the wife died, the husband made a narrow escape. The couple was in Bengaluru to visit their relatives, but on that fateful day, they decided to take some time off and visit the hills. According to a report on Indian Express, they went near a rocky place behind Mayura Hotel and sat there. However, when they decided to leave, his wife's slippers went away, and as she bent forward to pick it up, she lost her balance and slipped.

Reportedly, the husband held on to her hand, so he even fell into an adjacent gorge and was stuck between boulders. He sustained nose injuries and lost his consciousness. On recovering his senses, he made his way to the hotel and informed the staff about the incident, who then alerted the cops at the Nandi Hill outpost. Drone camera was used to locate his wife's body, and finally, after hours of struggle, her body was found.

Police have ruled out any foul play, and the husband is not held under suspicion looking his injuries and him being 'consistent with his version'.

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