MUSO (Macedon unit system block chain DEFI)—— Macedonia block chain distributed financial platform. It is a whole class financial product trading DeFi platform based on decentralized identity and decentralized scoring system. It is based on MUSO independent public chain to establish a new generation of open financial ecological platform on the basis of top financial trading market.

Launched by the United States Macedonian block Financial Services Co.,Ltd Macedonia Block Financial Services Co., Ltd., and set up the Muso asset investment foundation——MUSO Asset leading Investment Foundation, has been invested by a number of funds.

As the innovation and subversion of block chain finance, representing the MUSO platform of the DEFI2.0 era, since the creation of the world has attracted the attention of the global financial community, all kinds of reports are full of attention.

To ordinary investors, always keep curious about MUSO, watch the layout of MUSO, and study MUSO strategies.

And what is the existence of capital institutions, technologists, and the media in MUSO field?

The author collected some professional views, for reference only!

Views of representatives of Andreessen Horowitz bodies:

Block chain practitioners, enthusiasts:

Hello, I'm CFO,Jeremy Allaire. Andreessen Horowitz Capital Venture

We are honored to be invited by MUSO open source team to express some views on MUSO project.

Andreessen Horowitz is a world-renowned unicorn investment company, the most striking investment company in the bitcoin ecosystem, founded by Netscape founder mark anderson and Netscape product manager ben horowitz.

The projects involved include digital payment companies Ripple Labs、 bitcoin trading platforms and wallet service providers Coinbase、 bitcoin diggers 21 virtual currency data service providers TradeBlock、 decentralized commodity trading market OpenBazaar, with a total investment of about $227 million. About a quarter of the total investment in Bitcoin and block chain.

Andreessen Horowitz innovative and subversive quality project venture capital for block chain, by the end of 2020, we are acutely aware that MUSO project technical planning and vision are very forward-looking, or will subvert the ecology of past DEFI1.0.

understand from the technical level, we are surprised to find that MUSO is a financial innovation ecosystem mainly based on blockchain, consisting of interconnected and combinable financial components. this is a global open source platform for decentralized applications. on the MUSO public chain, managing digital assets and running programs without geographical constraints by writing code. The bottom layer of the MUSO ecosystem is the basic DeFi protocol, a system of aggregators: decentralized exchanges, decentralized currencies, decentralized insurance, etc. There are different intelligent contracts to achieve, intelligent contracts call each other, the financial functions together.

This is very interesting, block chain market acceptance from the long-term planning of technical concepts.

MUSO in 2021, will be included in the angel plan of the Andreessen Horowitz capital venture capital organization, looking forward to MUSO and Andreessen Horowitz in the global capital world, can achieve in-depth strategic cooperation, sincerely wish MUSO to become a block chain 4.0 era of a dark horse!

Khosla Venture block chain wind investment company representative point of view:

"As blockchain technology shifts to enterprise production, we are likely to see a huge expansion. We will begin to see the value of the blockchain in the production environment ."

You guys, I'm marketing director Greg Forst. Khosla Venture block chain head

From the global perspective of block chain industry, developed countries have carried out block chain industry development at the strategic level of trade unions. The United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, Japan and other countries have designed national block chain strategy and road map to promote the development of block chain industry.

Giant enterprises have also laid out block chain R & D and applications, such as Google, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, Facebook、 Amazon, IBM and other layout of block chain technology, the introduction of technical solutions and applications.

At this stage of development of special historical background, the direction of DEFI is particularly important.

DEFI move traditional finance to block chain network, reduce collaboration cost, improve operation efficiency, and create a global open financial system without borders.

MUSO is a whole-class financial platform based on decentralized identity and decentralized scoring system. Based on independent public chain, a new generation of DEFI ecological platform is established on the basis of top financial trading market to support cross-chain collaborative interaction of different DEFI products. Introduction of wind control guarantee mechanism, positioning for all investors around the world, so that they can enjoy quality investment products that are usually available to high net worth people, equal wealth growth power with high net worth groups, so that investors even in backward countries can enjoy quality financial services.

And the company's Khosla Venture development philosophy coincides.

Khosla Ventures is located in Menlo Park, the United States, is TechCrunch known as the "Big Mac"

Khosla Bitcoin investment list includes 21 Bitcoin side chain technology companies with more than $120 million Blockstream、 blockchain technology experts Chain、 financial service providers BlockScore and so on.

The standard for Khosla Venture, venture capital is different from most venture capital institutions, Khosla Venture more radical, more idealized, more subversive.

On this basis, MUSO project officially entered the 2021 company's venture capital project whitelist, Khosla Venture will vigorously support the development of MUSO radical, so that MUSO projects with independent public chain on the basis of the top financial trading market to establish a new generation of open financial ecological platform, Wall Street philosophy to maximize the block chain global community "chase" benefits!

At the "budding stage" of the MUSO project, we have seen the "dark horse" gene.

The "development period" of the MUSO project will Khosla Venture move forward hand in hand, open the global market and create a capital feast.

My Greg Forst, is to thank you all for listening and wish MUSO to cross the barrier and occupy the highlands.

Views of academicians Chunming Rong the Norwegian Academy of Engineering:

Hello, I'm a member Chunming Rong the Norwegian Academy of Engineering

2020 is the 11th year of the birth of block chain, as a block chain technology known as the great technological revolution that will subvert the Internet, attracting young people from traditional giant enterprises to entrepreneurship.Under the action of capital, the upstream and downstream block chain market data industry flourished in 2020, and the global market scale reached 12.26 billion yuan.

Block chain technology market size in 2017 is $1.64 billion, expected to reach $21.07 billion by the end of 202, compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 38.4!

Block chain market size or up to 8000 trillion ,200 times the Internet.

There is no doubt that the positioning of the block chain has been unprecedented, has been the highest attention and affirmation of all kinds of financial systems.

In this turbulent era, the Norwegian Institute of Engineering has never stopped exploring block chain technology and investigating block chain quality projects.

In 2020, the global open-source block chain project, can be called "stunning" is not many.

And MUSO financial platform, can be said to be the most characteristic, the most grand vision.

MUSO common chain adopts VDPoS (DPoS+pBFT) consensus algorithm to solve the problem of decentralization and security by introducing verification nodes into the traditional DPoS consensus mechanism. The vertical and horizontal expansion of the common chain is realized by multi-main chain + multi-sub-chain architecture. The data is stored in layers, global data state is saved, and business data is supported by structured chain and transaction.

To solve the high frequency and high performance financial commercial demand, MUSO technical architecture design will refer to the mature existing Internet network structure for re-innovation design, with four layers of block chain network structure: common chain layer; protocol contract and Oracle network layer; modular interface application layer, can meet the DeFi ecological complete block chain technology network.

Technology is the core logic to support the trillion-level market, MUSO based on technology, virtual finance is laid out in real business, is an intelligent contract platform based on the MUSO independent public chain, The Norwegian Institute of Engineering calls it the decentralization of the block chain "central bank"

On the occasion of the birth of the MUSO, on behalf of the Norwegian Institute of Engineering, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the MUSO platform and wish to become a new representative and navigator of the new generation of block chain ecology.

Views CTO Coinbase exchanges:

Global blockchain investors, Hello everyone, this is CTO balaji srinivasan. Coinbase Exchange

Coinbase is one of the world's largest digital currency exchanges and is very happy to talk to global blockchain investors through the MUSO platform.

Evan Kereiakes core researcher Evan (Evan) worked for seven years at the New York Federal Reserve Bank (New York Federal Reserve Bank), was head of investment in Japanese securities and trading manager of foreign exchange reserve securities, and was an economic analyst at the U.S. Treasury Department. I have a good relationship with Evan.

We know from Evan mouth that his participation as one of the core members of the MUSO financial system, successful open source, is about to face the global market, I express strong interest.

Coinbase exchanges launch a large number of excellent digital currencies every year, providing global digital money secondary market enthusiasts to trade, and MUSO currency, is also in-depth negotiations of high-quality certificates.

The market value of MUSO platform is a decentralized value coin, which is applied to the decentralized chain of MUSO financial platform to change ecology: insurance model, pledge model, mining model, with complete market attributes.

MUSO two certificates have been used in mortgage, margin trading, international transfer, supply chain finance and so on.

We look forward to working in depth with Coinbase MUSO open source team and hope to start real-time trading for global block chain investors in Coinbase,.

May MUSO, congratulate Evan, on reaching its peak.

Golden Financial analyst Chen Lianhe views:

Hello, I'm Chen Lianhe, golden financial analyst.

2020, is the block chain industry more turbulent year.

DEFI rise, with the entire industry.

DEFI decline, with the collapse of the entire industry.

2020 like a roller coaster market to lift the hearts of every block chain investor.

To sum up the reasons, nothing more than:

Application landing is difficult —— infrastructure is weak, user experience is too poor, the entry threshold of ordinary people is too high, the infrastructure of Tongqi economy is too weak;

Frustration of the public chain market —— more and more public chain main network online, but lead to fewer and fewer landing scenes and users, the market bad money drives out good money, the project tends to be more and more central;

Block chain project talent increment slow —— speed

The technical team is trapped by the funds, financing difficulties;

Market chaos, investor confidence is more affected, vicious circle.

At this stage, block chain practitioners can not help looking at more advanced DEFI2.0.

MUSO, is a DEFI project I can find with high quality genes and creativity.

Current DEFI rely on Ethernet ecology, often limited by the underlying performance of Ethernet. Greatly affected the operation of DEFI products. The DEFI in Ethernet can only be carried out around ERC20 tokens because of the limitation of cross-chain technology, which leads to the great limitation of DEFI in wind control.

MUSO is an independent public chain dedicated to DEFI service. All resources in the chain serve DEFI products.

MUSO will establish a unified audit mechanism and contract standards on DEFI products, strengthen the compatibility between various products, lay a solid foundation for the DEFI ecology of MUSO, and realize the strongest wind control of DEFI ecology.

As an analyst, introducing projects to the market is undoubtedly a priority for wind control.

MUSO the participation of the project, can prevent the DEFI1.0 era project thunderstorm situation.

A unique DEFI mechanism can avoid asset volatility caused by large fluctuations in the digital money market and protect users from shrinking investment.

Users provide liquidity for the system, store digital money, will enjoy the system's generous incentives, based on the MUSO unique incentive mechanism, the income is higher than other financial products.

The role of the MUSO in the financial system is the aggregator on the DEFI tuyere and the king of the public chain. In the Trustless financial system, there are sufficient conditions to provide a perfect block chain financial ecology.

Therefore, I appeal to the market: pay attention to MUSO, pay attention to the wealth password of the change of the DEFI2.0 era!

Coin coin from media analyst Ang Lee's point of view:

Hello everyone, our currency coin senior secondary market analyst and project observer Ang Lee.

On May 11,2020, Bitcoin ushered in a third half.

June 2020, Compound and Balancer opened liquidity mining, triggered a DeFi frenzy, a new bull market opened.

By October 21,2020, payment giant Paypal announced support for encrypted currency payments, covering 26 million businesses by 2021.

This is a very extraordinary year.

Encrypted asset gains seem like a frenzy in the global financial world, helping the block chain industry to enter the fast lane of innovation. The surging capital game, the strange trend of the tuyere, the new direction, the new technology and the new concept have emerged one after another, and outlined the outline of another era of great upheaval.

In the contours of this era of upheaval, there is a project that deserves great attention.

Secondary market is the place to realize the dream of becoming rich, the birth of MUSO, with another hundred times the gene.

MUSO financial platform value-added certificate: it is a new generation of DEFI public chain ——muso public chain issued decentralized value currency, developed and managed by the MUSO DAO, is a decentralized financial (DeFi) circulation digital currency.

The financial wind control is based on MUSO DAO governance, a tool similar to cloud services that can write real organizations and rules in smart contracts, then run openly and fairly, and MUSO financial opening DAO to govern. Unlike associations or foundations, DAO is a non-profit organization that MUSO community governance.

No large smashing, no operator running.

The MUSO platform is safer and the assets are independent compared with the conventional DEFI projects operated by the central community.

As a currency coin senior analyst, I usually observe and consider projects from the perspective of technology and wind control.

Therefore, I predict that in 2021, MUSO will be everywhere in the global block chain from the media reports, near the water platform, I hope I am the earliest MUSO observer, to give this benefit to fans.

When the MUSO was born, I wish the MUSO platform to create brilliance, recreate the myth of thousands of times the coin, come on!

The above views are from experts in various fields, hoping to bring decision-making help to global block chain enthusiasts and investors.

At the beginning of its creation, the MUSO magnetic field attracted the attention of the world's top capital institutions, economists, technicians and well-known media.

How will the MUSO, with aristocratic genes set off waves in global financial markets in the future?

Let's wait and see!