Air India Express Flight Hits ATC Compound Wall at Trichy Airport, Close Shave For 136 Passengers
Air India Flight Hits ATC Compound Wall at Trichy Airport (Photo credit: ANI)

Trichy, October 12: Passengers on board an Air India Express flight scheduled to fly to Dubai, had a close shave after the tyres of the plane hit the compound wall of the Trichy international airport during the take off in the wee hours of Friday. Following the mishap, the aircraft made an emergency landing at the Mumbai airport. After inspection, the Air India Express plane was declared fit for operations. However, another aircraft was arranged for passengers that took off for Dubai.

Air India Express's Boeing B737-800 aircraft suffered technical snag after the aircraft's tyres hit the compound wall of the Trichy airport. An ILS (instrument landing system) antenna and a small portion of the westside wall were damaged in the incident. The plane was then diverted to Mumbai and made an emergency landing there. "The flight had got damaged under the belly, was declared fit for operations after inspection at Mumbai Airport," news agency ANI reported. Air India Flight Suffers Hydraulic Leak Before Landing at JFK Airport.

While all passengers and crew on board were safe, an inquiry has been ordered to ascertain the cause of the incident. Tamil Nadu tourism minister Vellamandi N Natarajan inspected the accident spot at the Trichy airport. The Air India has informed the Directorate General of Civil Aviation about the incident and pilot and co-pilot have been derostered till investigation is done.