Ban on Goods Vehicles Carrying Passengers in Karnataka
Representational Image (Photo Credits: PTI)

Bengaluru, March 25: Days after revoking the suspension on Ola cabs for six months in Karnataka, State Transport Department had issued an order in which no goods or luggage carrying vehicles are allowed to carry passengers and charge them for the same. The order comes in the wake of rising accidents as people were found dead travelling in goods carrier vehicles.

The order states, as Deccan Chronicle reports, that Transport and traffic police departments of the state have been given a free hand to seize Goods vehicles carrying passengers or modified to ferry people. Briefing more, a senior officer in the transport department told the media that they are following the High Court orders. Ola Cabs Banned by Karnataka Govt; License Revoked For Six Months. 

The Bench had ordered the department to ensure that no goods or luggage carrier vehicles should carry people as it is against the rules. Adding more, the bench in its order had stated that Goods vehicles are manufactured to carry luggage and not people, and since passengers are being carried onto the trucks, this act poses a great danger to the people and their safety.

The order has also been issued as the practice of carrying passengers in the Goods vehicles are on the rise and has become a business nowadays the state. Also, mini-goods vehicles are being converted and used to pick up and drop school children. To curb the same, a meeting would soon be called between the transport department and the traffic police department. In the meantime, traffic police have started seizing the good vehicles carrying passengers and penalised them.