New Delhi, January 12: First COVID-19 pandemic and now bird flu, the poultry industry in India is badly impacted. The sale of chicken and chicken products have been the worst-hit with prices dropping by almost 50 percent, especially in North India.

Uttarakhand on Tuesday became the 10th state in India to confirm cases of bird flu after Kerala, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Maharashtra reported the outbreak over the past couple of week. There are several questions that come to a readers mind on whether it is safe to consume chicken and egg during this time or what precautions need to be followed while handling raw meat. Bird Flu Transmission: Scientists Confirm Current H1 Strain is Transmissible From Birds to Humans, But Risk is Currently Low.

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FAQS Around Bird Flu: 

Is it safe to eat chicken & eggs?

Animal husbandry minister Giriraj Singh recently said in a tweet with a government advisory as poultry sales took a hit across states that it is safe to eat "fully cooked eggs and chicken".  Experts suggest boiling eggs till the yolk and white are firm, and ensuring the meat is cooked all the way through, or not pink in the centre. North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) public health inspectors have requested restaurants not to sell roasted chicken.

Do Humans get infected?

The flu primarily affects birds - but humans who come in direct contact with sick birds may get infected. There is no need to panic as human to human spread is not too prominent with the current strain.

Does heating kill the virus?

The Centre noted that poultry meat cooked at more than 70ºC temperatures for 30 minutes inactivates the virus and it is absolutely safe to consume properly cooked poultry meat and eggs.

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