The festival season has begun in the country and it is a time when most people step out for festive shopping. But while stepping out, one needs to be constantly careful about social distancing norms. However, the scenario in Chennai's Kumaran Silks saree store in Thiyagaraya Nagar was scary when throngs of crowd were seen gathering to shop for the old stocks sale over the weekend. A video of the massive crowd gathering in store went viral on social media and there was clearly violation of social distancing. After the video went viral and complaints from several people, the authorities have sealed the shop for not following the necessary protocols. For the Love of Biryani! Hoskote’s Anand Dum Biryani Sees 1.5 km-Long Queue of Customers Waiting to Get Served, Videos and Pics Show Massive Crowd Outside the Famous Joint in Bangalore.

Kumaran Silks is a famous showroom in Chennai and on October 18 a sea of people turned up here to shop. Only a few of them wore masks and there were clear violations of social distancing. The video clip of covidiots went viral over WhatsApp and Twitter with people expressing concern as we are still battling the pandemic actively. As the video garnered more attention, the Chennai Corporation has sealed the shop. As per some social media users, it was an old stocks disposal time and people crowded to shop.

Check The Video Here:

Here's a Video of Shop Being Sealed Today:

It is not known if any fine or action will be taken against the shop owners as yet. But the showroom would be kept sealed until further orders from the Commissioner. A few days, a video from a Hyderabad pub was shared online which also saw huge crowd turnout, with nobody wearing masks or following social distancing. The festival season seems to be a reason to worry as more people are stepping out. Also with shops reopening and announcing clearance sales, people are attracted towards such establishments.

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