We are in the middle of a pandemic. Even though, things are potentially getting back into normal, the process is not easy, and it definitely does not mean that we do not follow COVID-19 guidelines, when in public. The country is in the unlock phase. In Hyderabad, pubs and bars are now opened, and they resumed their operations. Weeks after they resumed business, following months of hiatus, revellers walking into Hyderabad’s pubs seem to throw caution and COVID-19 norms to the wind. A video has recently gone viral on social media that shows how party-goers flouted the social distancing norms inside an unidentified pub in the city of Telangana. In fact, many people were seen not wearing masks inside the pub. Social Distancing, Who? Huge Crowds Spill Out of Pubs and Gather for ‘Impromptu Party’ in UK Streets Followed by New COVID-19 Restrictions. 

It is shocking to see people breaking the norms and guidelines, when the COVID-19 cases are at its peak in the country. Twitter user, @rishibagree shared a video that shows a packed pub with people not wearing masks or even following social distancing. While only a few were spotted donning face masks, majority of them were seen flouting the COVID-19 norms, risking themselves and everyone else in the pub amid the global health crisis. The name of the place was not immediately known, but the clip soon went viral on social media, leaving netizens in shock. Texas Tech University Student Claims to Have Been Infected With COVID-19 While Enjoying at a House Party, Video of COVIDIOTS Going Viral. 

Watch the Video:

People Are Angry!

No Social Distancing in Malls too!

The Fear!

A few days ago, TOI quoted revellers walking into Hyderabad’s pubs saying that many are not complying with mandatory COVID-19 norms. Not only guests are being allowed to take off their masks once they are in, but there is also no social distancing within these premises. The rush is particularly visible over the weekends, and their behaviour is concerning.

The video shows the space swarming with people and no social distance among them. If you watch the clip carefully, you will notice only about two or three guests sporting a mask. It is natural for people to have a little fun at bars and pubs after having been in their homes for the past few months. But totally giving up on masks and social distancing is not acceptable. It is not only risky for us, but our near ones too.

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