Filmmaker Jeff Colhoun Documents Sustainable Tourism on Costa Rica
Filmmaker Jeff Colhoun in Costa Rica (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Costa Rica is at the top of many travellers bucket lists. It is known for its beautiful beaches, rainforests, and nature. Tourists rarely travel to Costa Rica to immerse themselves in the culture, region, and community. Recently, award-winning photographer and cinematographer. Jeff colhoun visited various regions in Costa Rica to feature sustainable and transformational

travel. He sought to capture and share more of the story behind sustainable tourism in Costa Rica, ecotourism, agro tourism, volunteerism, and cultural celebrations. The American photographer’s work often highlights travel, landscape, outdoor, non-profit, and other meaningful projects. Colhoun has experienced and captured some of the harshest conditions and regions of the globe.

Filmmaker Jeff Colhoun From Rica's West Coast (Photo Credits: File Photo)


The artist is known for capturing humanizing moments in both cultural and natural landscapes. Costa Rica has diverse landscapes and animal life, making it one of the hot-spots of destination eco-tourism. Colhoun shared that Costa Ricans are known as kind, and that the locals say Pura Vida meaning Pure Life. The artist also said that travelling to Costa Rica will leave one transformed, and rich with life. As captured in Colhoun’s images, there are remote, eco-friendly, and diverse lodging and tours for visitors to explore. These businesses are committed to providing fully sustainable services

while generating minimal impact.

A Monkey From Costa Rica (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Some tours also offer environmental education, a chance for visitors to get involved in volunteerism projects. This allows travellers to have fun, while they

contribute to community efforts, help volunteer, and have a meaningful experience. Costa Rica is admired as a great model for preservation efforts. They have a number of preservation programs dedicated to youth, conservation, rainforest, oceans, and protecting the ecosystem. Colhoun’s work chronicling sustainable tourism in Costa Rica helps to raise awareness and bring further insight into these important and underserved efforts.

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