Resort gives a platform to travel explorers for knowing many more places in the world, to get influenced and further influence others.

Travel my friend; it can connect with the deepest chords of a person and can take them into a world that can make them realize the greater truths of life and also transport them to a place that can give a new meaning to their lives. Focusing on this idea and wanting people to become a travel freak just like him is a travel influencer and explorer named Rasmus Peter Kristensen, who lives life through travelling extensively to exotic and even unknown places on the earth and excitingly gets all the experiences even the tiniest through his expeditions in life.

Rasmus wanted to share his unparalleled experiences of life through a platform that could reach more people and that which could influence them to the core to explore the world of travelling as a whole. He wants people to share through Resort the various places they visit across the world, their experiences, their insights, the hotels and resorts they stay at and give a virtual experience to all by impacting them so powerfully that they feel energized and get ready to create their own travel story by visiting those places.

Life took a turn for Rasmus when once he experienced a panic attack and this made him introspect the many aspects of living, which led him to resort to travelling, as he found solace in the same. It helped him expand his visions and see the world with eyes filled with great enthusiasm. Since that point in life, Rasmus considers travel as his biggest motivator and hence created Resort for people to get the same experience as him.

Rasmus confesses that the world inspires him and that he has always been a world citizen who loves to go from one point to another across the globe and get experiences for his lifetime. It is these experiences and adventures of his life that keeps him going and gives him more courage to travel to many other places in the world.

Most of the time, Rasmus travels with his wife and they like to explore the luxuries of high-end resorts and 5-star hotels. His reason for creating Resort is also to share his unending experiences of life through travelling and include everyone on his journey who is interested in knowing more about it and wants to be a part of it.

Resort is also about giving people the chance to get featured on their page just by tagging @resort and sharing their travel experiences on Instagram. And, even mapping out the highest-grade resorts and hotels worldwide.

This is what insane love for travelling is and Rasmus through his page Resort exudes the same by influencing more and more people to choose travel.

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