Vaibhav Vyas is a creative personality who has his expertise in cinematography, event management photography and DJing. Started at the age of 16, Vaibhav's passion for photography ignited when he was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in commerce. As a part of his postgraduate subject, Vaibhav studied photography and became an ace photographer. Vyas has been one of the most promising cinematographers who has shot several song covers and has been a DOP for many music videos.

For his outstanding works, he has received multiple accolades and recognitions. Vaibhav was awarded the ‘Best Cinematography Wow Award’, ‘Event and Entertainment Manager Association Award 2015’, ‘GIFA Films Award 2016’, ‘EMF Award 2017’ and ‘Gaurvaanta Gujarati Award 2017’. With his tremendous experience, he then built his own brand and is the owner of VAV Films and Photography. He has done several projects in Dubai, UK, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, China, Turkey and the USA

Here's what Vaibhav has to share with the aspiring photographers and cinematographers:-

Get a DSLR

Photography is the basis of cinematography, through photography you will learn framing, composition, exposure, etc. If you are shooting 16mm or 35mm you can use your DSLR to get an idea of how your lighting will look before you roll on it. Not only that but most new DSLR’s have the ability to shoot HD video. That’s all that you need to start shooting and getting your work out there. You don’t need to invest in a $100,000 camera package to start shooting quality work.

Think Like An Artist & Collaborate

An artist considers much more than whether their photograph is beautiful, or ugly, they consider whether it tells a story and how that story can be communicated more effectively. Consider a photograph’s purpose and try collaborating with other photographers and artists to bring your images to the next level.

Create a Portfolio

After a couple of months of practicing with both your camera and editing programs, you should have a handful of photos that you can hopefully be proud of enough to show your parents. At that point, if you could show your parents, then why not show the entire world? That seems like the logical next step. Open up a portfolio somewhere on the internet. Here are a couple of big name websites that you can trust.

Consider light, Shadows and Texture

During a sunrise, the shadows get longer, but at this time of day the light can better expose the texture on walls, benches, sand etc. because they are lit from the side when the sun is low, and the same is true for sunset. Aside from the golden light and dreamy portraits, texture and shadow are the other reasons photographers favor shooting during these hours. Once you understand how light effects texture and shadow, you can use your own light sources to manipulate it.

Take Your Time

This isn’t necessarily just beginner feedback but applies to any photographer even seasoned pros. We are all guilty of rushing things sometimes. But one of the best attributes you can have as a photographer is patience. By just taking a few minutes to look at the scene and compose the shot in your head you might find that your end result actually looks better.

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