Kanwariyas Vandalise Car, Delhi Police Faces Flak For Asking Commuters  to 'Remain Alert'
Screengrab of the viral video showing Kanwariyas vandalising a car in Delhi

New Delhi, Aug 8: The Delhi Police has drawn flak on social media after it shared a post on Facebook, which cited the accident involving Kanwariyas and asked the motorists to remain alert.

Netizens were quick to retaliate, saying the police should crackdown on the unruly elements among the Kanwariyas who resort to hooliganism on the road, rather than issuing an advice to the commuters of the national capital region.

Earlier in the day, a video went viral which showed how a group of Kanwariyas - saffron-clad on-foot pilgrims - smashed a car with sticks and turned it upside down. The car driver had, accidently, brushed past them causing no injuries. Some reports claim he had slapped one of the Kanwariyas during the verbal altercation which led to the latter attacking his car.

Here is the post shared by Delhi Police, captioned: "Sadak par sayyam rakhein, doosri ki suraksha ka dhyan rakhe (Be calm on the road, stay alert for the safety of others).

Responding to the post, users on Facebook marked their angst accusing the police of acting as "mute spectators" when the miscreants among the kanwariyas resorted to violence.

"One can clearly see people damaging the car in front of 2 police people...how can they all it? What action has been taken against them," asked a Facebook user identified as Rohit Dhar.

Another Delhiite, Pankaj Nagpal, marked his frustration on Facebook, commenting, "You (Delhi Police) are surely unable to manage the Delhi traffic. It has become law-less land. Your constables overlook violations happening in front of their eyes. Don't know where are we heading with this kind of mismanagement. I hope someday you will wake-up to this and help make Delhi roads better."