The Maharashtra state Covid taskforce and the pediatric taskforce have jointly appealed to the state government to immunize every child ahead of the monsoon season. The doctors from both the taskforces have informed the Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray that by providing influenza shots it would help to curb down the COVID-19 cases and prevent unnecessary testing. Chairman of the state COVID-19 task force Dr. Sanjay Oak, told the Maharashtra CM that influenza vaccines should be administered proactively for the next six months to every child.

As reported by Times Of India, the two varieties of influenza vaccines are available in the market, which are not provided under the national immunisation programme due to their high cost ranging from Rs 1500 to 2000. Thus, for this year state should make an exception and provide influenza shots to everyone said Dr. Suhas Prabhu, who heads the pediatric task force. Teens Can Get COVID-19 Vaccines as It Doesn't Interfere with Fertility, Puberty, or the Body's Hormonal Processes, Claim Experts.

They emphasized that children that may have missed out on their routine immunisation doses should complete their schedule. 'It is safe for a child to get vaccinated with BCG, measles, rubella, or any vaccine they may have missed out four weeks after the onset of their COVID-19 symptoms. Dr. Vijay Yewale, also a member of the pediatric task force, said flu too is a respiratory ailment. 'The vaccine is a time-tested one and routinely given to children under the age of five years. It can prevent a respiratory ailment, particularly in children with chronic conditions or comorbidities,” he added.

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