Mumbai Teen Finds Abandoned Baby on the Turf After Mistaking Its Cries for a Cat’s
Teenager boy finds abandoned new born baby in grass Credit: mid-day

Mumbai, September 15: A teenager from Virar found an abandoned new-born baby while playing kabaddi with his friends on Friday. The baby boy has been admitted to the hospital and is in critical condition. The teen Pratik Namude was playing kabaddi with his friends in an open field near Nana Park, Virar.

Pratik heard a voice, which he thought was of a kitten's. But after the voice persisted he followed it and was surprised to see a baby lying on the turf. Pratik and his friends immediately informed the police. Newborn Baby Found Dead on Imphal-Delhi AirAsia Flight, Probe Underway

“We usually come here to play cricket.” On Friday, several youngsters, including Pratik, were playing kabaddi. Pratik first thought a cat was crying and went to investigate when he found the baby,” his elder brother, Prathamesh Namude told mid-day.

A team of police officials rushed to the spot and took the baby to the Chaitanya Hospital. Dr Amit Samant from the hospital told mid-day, “The baby was probably born early on Friday. He also said there were wounds on his lips, as well as a bruise on the back of his head. The umbilical cord had not been cut. There was also blood inside his mouth and he was having trouble breathing.”

“The wounds have been cleaned and the blood removed from the mouth. He has started breathing properly, but, his condition is still critical and we have kept him on observation in the ICCU,” said Dr Samant.

Police have started investigating into the probe. “We have registered a complaint against unknown persons under Section 317 of the IPC (Exposure and abandonment of child under 12 years, by parent or person having a care of it). We are looking at CCTV footage around the area to find the person who abandoned the baby,” Sub-Divisional Police Officer Jayant Bajbale of Virar division quoted as saying to the tabloid.