A chance meeting creates Fitness Dream Team

It started in June 2016 when, Fitness-focussed, Elizabeth Endres and Dale Borchiver were set up as ‘blind’ roommates. After this chance meeting the two, in their own words, “fell into friendship”, united by their shared love of the health and wellness lifestyle.

As the two began exploring the many various fitness classes provided across New York City, where they lived, they discovered a broad range of quality offerings from the very good to the bad! As an outworking of these experiences, and intending to help others find their way to health and wellbeing in the famous ‘Concrete Jungle’ the duo launched the blog ‘Sweats & the City’. 

With their insights, Elizabeth and Dale blogged reviews of studios and classes, covering not only the essential information but also the things that people never tell you - “Where can I shower?”, “What is the music like?” and “What’s the vibe?”. And as a special feature during the COVID-19 pandemic, the duo review the COVID security measures in place at studios and any interim requirements in place, to make the blog the complete review package for prospective patrons of the wide range of facilities they review. Reviews are helpfully mapped against an interactive Google map of New York to provide an intuitive user interface.

Due to its popularity, Sweats & the City, and Elizabeth and Dale have expanded their reach into other areas of interest including athleisure, healthy eats and beauty and lifestyle products, fashion and events. As successful entrepreneurs they have developed a significant social media presence, on Instagram, and have substantial media portfolio, appearing on ABC, Good Morning America, Forbes, Medium and Fortune. 

Entrepreneurial expansion

Building on the back of features in Shape Magazine and ABC7 Verizon’s In the know Episode and others, the duo have built up an extensive network of successful partnerships with leading brands including Nike, Victoria’s Secret, CoverGirl, Under Armour and Adidas. Their next move is perhaps their most ambitious yet.

After timely reports of the COVID-19 Pandemic’s negative impact on exercise and health, the two entrepreneurs have launched ‘Sweat with Sweats’ specially for what looks like it will be a challenging 2021 for the ‘real world’ fitness sector. The groundbreaking platform, with a unique angle in the fitness space, is chalked up to be the most affordable, diverse and convenient option to enjoy boutique fitness in the comfort of your own home. 

The Subscription-based platform gives consumers access to leading instructors, that the duo has personally reviewed, for workouts and on-demand classes whilst creating a fitness community training together, much needed in these socially distanced times. It boasts incredible value for money with a $19 PCM subscription to over 16 live Zoomed events per month, in comparison to a market average for a Zoom workout coming in at $15 each. The new platform also affords subscribers a custom-curated schedule of workouts and unlimited on-demand library access to fit in with even the busiest of schedules.

Elizabeth and Dale said, “Our goal is simply to share health and wellness motivation and tips for our followers - if everyone can become a little bit healthier and a happier version of themselves then Sweats & The City has done its job.” Sweat with Sweats promises to continue to deliver on the pair’s goal achievement to date, in a time when motivation and positivity are much-needed commodities.

What comes after this for this entrepreneurial team will have to be seen, but based on the successful launch of Sweat with Sweats, and their other ventures Elizabeth and Dale are entrepreneurs to watch for 2021 and beyond.