Tamil Nadu Baby Selling Case: Health Secretary Directs Namakkal DC to Probe Matter
Representative image of a newborn. | Image courtesy: Pixabay

Chennai, April 26: Tamil Nadu Health Secretary Beela Rajesh on Thursday directed the Namakkal district collector to probe the matter of a retired nurse striking a deal with a potential customer to sell newborn babies in the state. The new order came after the audio clip surfaced on social media in which the retired nurse was striking the deal with potential customers.

Along with the new order, the Rasipuram police officials have detained the retired nurse - identified as Amutha. According to the audio, Amutha - voluntarily retired nurse from a government hospital - can be heard of boasting her achievements of striking deals with potential buyers of the newborns in the state. She can also be heard that she had been in business for the last 30 years.  Woman Dumps 7 Newborn Puppies in Trash, Video From Coachella Goes Viral Angering Netizens

She can be heard saying, as reported by the Indian Express, "I have been doing this business for 30 years. By God’s grace, I haven’t faced any problems. Pay me as much as you can as an advance, I will Whatsapp you the baby’s picture."

The potential buyer from Dharmapuri can be heard that he needs a baby and is fine with both male or female. To which, Amutha clears that price difference from a male to a female child and makes him understand the important role of the skin tone of the baby.

Amutha said, "If you need a girl, then the price would be Rs 2.70 lakh. If the baby is close to three kilos, then the price would go up to Rs 3 lakh. If you need an Amul baby (a fat male baby with whitish complexion), then the price would range from Rs 4 – 4.15 lakh. If the baby is darker, then the price may reduce to Rs 3.30 – 3.75 lakh."

Adding more, she said, as the daily quotes, "On an additional cost of Rs 70,000, I can get you the original birth certificate. We can make as if the child was born to you here in Rasipuram. The municipal authorities will forge the document and they will upload it online."

Namakkal SP Ara Arularasu, investigating the case, stated that Amudha has confessed that she has sold three babies illegally so far through brokers, and added that there are other players involved this business. He also added that the nurse is just a middle-broker and they are trying to get into the detail of who is the main person involved in this new-born selling business.