New Delhi, May 13 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that a senior leader of the opposition party had asked him 'what else was left there to achieve after becoming PM twice'.

"The leader does not know that this Modi is made of different metals, the soil of Gujarat that has shaped me," the Prime Minister said. Utkarsh Samaroh: PM Narendra Modi Gets Emotional When a Father Says His Daughter Wants To Become a Doctor (Watch Video).

The Prime Minister was virtually addressing 'Utkarsh Samaroh' in Bharuch, Gujarat on Thursday to mark the celebration of 100 per cent saturation of four key schemes of the state government in the district, which will help provide timely financial assistance to those in need.

"One day a very senior leader, a political opponent but I do respect him, came to meet me, to discuss and sort out some issues. He said, 'Modiji, now what else do you want to do? The country has made you prime minister twice'. He thought that becoming prime minister twice was a huge achievement. He does not know that this Modi is made of different metals, the soil of Gujarat that has shaped me," he said.

The Prime Minister further stated that, "It is not enough that I should rest now that everything that has happened is good. No, My dream is saturation. We should move towards 100 per cent coverage. Government machinery should get used to this and a belief should be generated among the citizens," he said.

The Prime Minister noted that in 2014 almost half of the country's population was deprived of facilities like toilets, vaccination, electricity connection and bank accounts.

"Over the years, with everyone's efforts, we have been able to bring many schemes closer to 100 per cent saturation. The Prime Minister said 100 per cent coverage of beneficiaries means delivering to every creed and every section equally with Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. No one should be left behind from every scheme for the welfare of the poor. This also finishes the politics of appeasement. Saturation means that the benefit reaches the last person in society," he added.

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