EVM Tampering in MP Elections 2018? Rewa Collector Preeti Maithil Nayak Orders Security to 'Shoot' Anyone Coming Near Strongroom
File photo of Rewa Collector Preeti Maithil Nayak

Bhopal, December 2: With the allegations of Electronic Voting Machines being tampered in the Strongroom in Sagar and Bhopal, and Election Commission released a statement, Rewa District Collector Preeti Maithil Nayak made a controversial comment ordering her security personnel to shoot the person trying to come near the EVM.

A recent video of senior IAS officer ordering her security guard to shoot the person trying to come near EVM has surfaced in the social media. In the video, while communicating with the Congress leader in Rewa, made this order. She was also of the opinion that no incident EVM tampering could take place in her area. EVM Tempering Allegations in MP Assembly Elections 2018: ECI Admits CCTV Installed at Bhopal Strongroom Failed For Over an Hour

Speaking with Congress candidate Abhay Mishra, Nayak stated that this election is nothing for her, as she has to become principal secretary and chief secretary in coming times. She also added that she would damped her 25-year reputation for petty issues.

Earlier, the Election commission had to come out with a statement clarifying that due to power cut the CCTV in the Strongroom of Bhopal didn’t work for more than an hour. It also clarified that it would take action against an official who allegedly delayed the handover of EVMs in Sagar by nearly two days.

The EC said, “A report obtained from the Bhopal Collector states that CCTV cameras and an LED display installed outside the strongroom did not function from 8.19 am to 9.35 am on 30.11.2018 due to the failure of electricity supply. Because of this, the recording could not be done during the given time period. An additional LED screen, an inverter and a generator have been installed to ensure continuous electricity supply.”