Small Change Inspired by Dustbin Waste in Dessert Section of Food & Lounge Area at Mumbai Airport Saves Rs 1.2 Crore in a Year!
Dessert (Image used for representational purpose only) (Photo Credits: ANI)

Mumbai, November 5: A small change in the food menu at Mumbai Airport free lounge buffet has saved Rs 1.2 crore in a year from the four lounges. According to a Times of India report, last year, the chief operating officer (COO) of the food and beverages firm that runs GVK lounge at Mumbai airport rummaged through a bin in order to find out why it had so much of leftover food. The bin actually had full of barely eaten desserts. Mumbai And Delhi Rated World Best Airports, Pleasantly Surprised Or Genuinely Shocked?

He saw that the dinner buffet had 15 desserts, and the portions were also huge. Gaurav Dewan, COO and business head, Travel Food Services (TFS) quoted in the report said, " Each passenger would pick two or three, maybe even four. They would eat a spoon or half and throw the rest." He returned and ordered a three-day survey. The passengers were asked about the food and desserts and found the problem was not with taste but size."

The kitchen team worked on the menu and small-sized desserts like cupcakes and macaroons were added. Now 18 desserts are served, but in small portions. Not only the waste, but the cost has also reduced drastically. In the dessert category alone, Rs 1.2 crore in a year has been saved. There are reports that the “Dustbin Analysis” will be made into a quarterly feature at its 280 food outlets across 19 cities, including lounges in airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.