The ever-growing video interaction design platform, Cinema8 enhances its easy-to-use video editor capabilities

Cinema8 has created a revolution in the world of interactive videos.  This amazing platform allows video lovers to create engaging and immersive videos, where the user is a part of the story.

Cinema 8 does away with the belief that you need to use coding or possess strong video editing skills to use this interactive video platform. With its easy-to-use video editing tools, generate amazing and engaging content even without these.  The simplicity of the creative process with its drag and drop working structure is very appealing for its users. The immersive, engaging, interactive, and gamified video experiences can be created on both linear and 360o videos.

The objective of creating compelling and innovative content was necessitated as part of a marketing strategy to rise above the surfeit of video content that was available in the market. The Cinema8 interactive video platform went a long way in captivating the audience and increasing their interest and engagement. It is indeed a daunting task to achieve a high level of audience engagement in the current highly competitive era. Especially, the personal and entertainment video content that is widely available on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube vie for the audience attention and pose strong contenders for any other video content.

The superiority of the interactive video is established by the fact that anybody can use it irrespective of your profession or level of expertise in video editing. Its users can range from employees to shoppers to learners and more. The user can create personalized videos, gamified or instructional videos for their customers, presentation videos with surveys, and so on.

The video editor’s capabilities include:

  • Drag & drop interactions into the video without any code writing.
  • Adding different type of questions, feedbacks, buttons, custom forms, clickable areas, overlays and more.
  • Creating decision points and making interactive stories through branching video.
  • Scoring questions in video and creating conditional action based on viewer’s score.
  • Interactive stories created through 360-degree videos.
  • Users through gamified videos can access shop-in-video and compare prices and view items.
  • Heat maps displaying user clicks and actions can be viewed through advanced analytics and reporting tools.
  • Detailed reports on usage, device-based reports, interest analysis, interaction reports, interest analysis, an analysis through graphics and data of your content performance is also available.

The comprehensive package replete with advanced features and tools permits the user to add buttons, animated &dynamic texts, URLs, HTML content, images and much more to their videos.

Another intriguing feature is the possibility of synchronizing with diverse platforms like Vimeo and YouTube and incorporates online videos into your interactive Cinema8 projects. The other options available are uploading your own videos, or using the Cinema8 Library. The rich and well-stocked library offers a wide choice of videos on different subjects. You can choose from videos on nature, science, business, technology and many more relevant, informative, and exciting subjects.

The Cinema8 platform comes with a host of additional advantages where you can apart from creating videos also store it and keep your computer and server space free. Enterprises can benefit through the local caching feature. Because data can be cached on your own server, this facilitates speed access to videos and multiple viewers can watch it. So, it optimizes the company's bandwidth usage and prevents work disruptions due to bandwidth constraints.

Cinema8 scores high on utility in the LMS (Learning Management Systems). Through a very simple process with the SCORM feature, your interactive video is exported as a zip package for your LMS. The embed code feature on the video allows you to pin point where your audience came from. The referrer URL allows you to trace the origin of the viewers through the links.

Cinema8's full-fledged corporate video portal with Enterprise Tube module allows videos to be published on your private channels. Creating playlists and channels, video classifications, like-dislike buttons, and voting features are also available. The audience engagement is increased through interaction and offering users a log-in option as well. In addition to all these, you can separate your users into different groups with the user management panel and leave the private video playlists and channels open for them.

The restricted domain feature provides security. The specific URL controls the viewership and videos can be shown to a limited or specific audience. This safety option is backed by another one – the password protection! This feature ensures that those who do not have the password cannot view the video and protects unauthorized viewership.

Through the Cinema8 platform, audience surveys can be conducted and the data stored. The survey can include various types of questions and different sections and parts. The broad form designer tool permits the user to create a complete survey.

The Story flow feature allows the creation of powerful stories, the addition of unlimited interactive or classic videos to a timeline.  The Story flow tool can be used to connect questions with interactive video projects.

Cinema8’s live streaming feature enables easy live broadcasting. This does not need an application or program. The requisite for this is just the sharing of a link the live streaming URL with the audience enabling access from anywhere and on any device. The recorded broadcasts can be used for creating interactive videos later.

It is no wonder then that the popularity and usability of Cinema8 has soared to new heights. The interactive videos with gamification ensure that important messages are conveyed to the audience while they are getting entertained. Film Making, E-learning, E-Commerce, Sales & Marketing, Entertainment and Ar-360 degrees are some of the key solutions the company offers. The diverse industries covered are Health Care, Financial Services, FMCG, Automotive, Education, Film Industry and Agencies.

The interactive video design is very important and engaging for the modern-day user. It creates a great sense of responsibility for the audience and the user. They have a say in the final outcome and choice in the media they are using. The learning and storytelling that are a part of the interactive video are there to stay with the audience, leaving a lasting impact.

Cinema 8 – has emerged as a pioneer in the world of immersive and interactive video experiences, leaving indelible imprints of success and popularity for all video lovers!