Home security is a priority for all homeowners, no matter where you live. Apart from locking your doors, there are a number of other steps that you can take to keep yourself, your home and your belongings safe. Here are a few common home security mistakes to avoid from professional locksmith:

Excessive privacy

As much as we do not want people looking inside our property, too much privacy can also make it easier for intruders to gain entry. This is because they can hide behind fences and garden walls while they pick the lock on your door. Make sure that all possible entry points to your home are not obscured in this way.

Hiding spare keys

Slipping a spare key to your home inside a fake rock is far too easy for burglars to spot. The same can be said for hiding your key under the doormat. In addition, you never know when your home is being watched so, no matter how carefully you hide your spare key, an intruder may find out where it is located simply by watching your property. A better option is to leave a spare key with somebody you can trust, like a family member or you could opt for keyless entry systems instead.

Untrimmed bushes

Like fences, untrimmed bushes give intruders the cover they need as they pick a lock. Keep bushes a fair distance from your home and make sure that they are trimmed on a regular basis o keep them from growing out of control.

Lights on or off

This especially applies to leaving your home unoccupied for several days at a time. When a potential burglar notices that your lights are not turning on or off, it's a clear sign that nobody is home. You could set your lights on a timer but, if you want more control, you could use a system that is integrated with your home security system. When you install smart locks in your home, you can control several home features from an app on your phone. This way, you can create the impression that you are home.

Valuables clearly visible

Do not leave valuables out in the open. If they can be seen, it adds to the temptation. Keep your blinds or curtains drawn in such a way that they cannot see any high ticket items. Keep jewelry and other valuables in a safe rather than setting them on your dresser or hiding them in your drawers.

Post and packages pile up

If you go away for a weekend, week or more, mail can be a clear indication that you are not home. Make sure that you are not expecting any deliveries during the time you're planning on leaving your home unoccupied. If possible, have a friend, family member or neighbor remove the mail from your mailbox while you are away.

Posting on social media

As tempting as it is to post your current adventures online, criminals are known to prowl the internet for this very reason. Instead, you should save those photo uploads and updates for when you get home. You don't have to keep your photos off social media altogether, but you should wait until you return home before posting.

Neglecting upstairs

Intruders can come more prepared than many people realize. They could even bring a ladder to gain access to upstairs windows or balcony doors. This is why it is so important that you secure all doors and windows.

Along with avoiding these mistakes, it is also important that you install the best possible locks and security features to keep your home safe. Wi-Fi or smart locks are great because you can also install cameras and this will allow you to monitor and control several features from your mobile device. When installing new locks, make sure that you always use a reputable locksmith in your area. Your locksmith will be able to assist you from start to finish, including selecting the right lock and providing professional installation services.