Mumbai, April 10: Artificial intelligence is here and is adding more feathers to the already advanced world of technology as humans embrace AI. While some people are embracing Artificial intelligence by using it in their everyday lives others are still apprehensive. Reports also show that the recent breakthroughs in Artificial intelligence have not increased AI's capabilities and intellect to a point where it is likely to surpass human intelligence.

Amid all of this, there are also concerns as to how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can easily crack and compromise the passwords of millions of people, thereby posing a great threat to the cybersecurity of people. According to a report in India Today, a recent study by Home Security Heroes has found that the most commonly used passwords are in danger as Artificial intelligence can crack them in less than a minute.

Which Types of Passwords Can Be Compromised?

Interestingly, the study revealed that over 50 percent of commonly used passwords can be cracked by artificial intelligence. The study used an AI password cracker called PassGAN and tested a list of 15,680,000 passwords. Shockingly, the study found that 51 percent of passwords can be cracked in less than a minute. On the other hand, the study also stated that 65 percent of commonly used passwords could easily be cracked in under an hour.

Tips To Stay Safe:

  • Avoid using commonly used passwords and those consisting of only digits
  • Avoid using small character length passwords and start using 18-character-long passwords
  • Use passwords consisting of numbers, symbols, upper and lower-case letters, etc.
  • Passwords are the gateway to one's life, change your passwords frequently
  • Use a password manager to save passwords if you are unable to remember them
  • Avoid using common passwords for all your accounts

As per the study, AI can crack those passwords which are most commonly used by people and consist of phone numbers, date of birth, etc. Besides, passwords with small character lengths are also at threat of being breached by artificial intelligence. However, the study found that passwords that contain a mixture of characters, and symbols and are at least 18 characters long are likely to take a longer time to detect.

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