Dating After a Divorce; How to Get Back in the Game – Relationship Query of the Day
Dating (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

What happens when a 25-year long marriage dissolves? There's obviously a feeling of contentment because both of you didn't want the relationship any more. But there's no denying the fact that there's a lot of emotional baggage too. If you're someone who has been officially divorced recently and are looking at options to date again, this Reddit user's query might seem to be a tad bit relatable to you. A 53- year- old man recently got divorced from his wife after being together for over 25 years. He is now taking things easy and slow as he's started dating.

Taking cues from his query, it seems like he's been going out with this woman for quite some time and now, he wants to spice up things a little bit by taking it to the bedroom. But it has been TWENTY-FIVE years since he slept with anyone else but his ex-wife. He's nervous and doesn't quite know how to deal with this and set the ball rolling. Well, here's where we come in the picture!

To begin with, it's great that you're finally moving on in life with a fresh perspective and renewed confidence. We're assuming this woman who you've been seeing since quite some time knows about your ex- wife.

If she doesn't, we suggest you tell her about it. Not that you need to give her the details because that might just put her off, but she sure does need to know that you were married for all this while.

Now, moving on to the more interesting part... yes we're talking about sex! It's kinda understood that you're under a lot of pressure and let us tell you, having performance anxiety is totally, completely, absolutely normal. However, you need to be crystal clear about how you feel about it to your girlfriend. More Than 50% Cheaters Say They Wanted More Sex; 5 Other Shocking Facts About Human Sexuality Revealed.

The best solution here is to communicate and tell her how you're feeling and we're sure she'd understand where you're coming from. And once you've addressed the elephant in the room, you'd automatically feel better and more comfortable around her. And she'd also appreciate you being honest about it, unless she's a total freak! However, if she does understand your situation, chances are she will help you get over this nervousness. And trust us when we say this, that's how you guys will have great sex!