Emily Ratajkowski Posts an Unbelievable Picture of Her 14-Year-Old Self with a Caption That Is Everything You Want to Read Today!
Emily Ratajkowski (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Emily Ratajkowski is beautiful inside out. She isn't just an owner of a perfect body, but a heart and mind that is always ready to break gender norms and spread kindness. Body positivity is her middle name and you can totally trust Emily Ratajkowski to speak her mind. Just recently she shared a picture of her 14-year-old self in a bikini and on checking that out you'll totally believe that she was born perfect. However, it was the caption that has our heart. She spoke about how she would "like showing people this photo of me at 14 to prove that my body is natural."

However, her post then took a drastic turn. Her post read: "Now I’m a little sad it exists at all. I was just a kid in this picture and I wish the world had encouraged my 14-year-old self to be more than just my body. All of that said, I do still feel like I’ve been empowered through my body and my sexuality via modelling and platforms like Instagram."

She further has a word of advice for all the 14-year-olds. She said, "Luckily I have discovered the parts of me that are so much more important than “sexiness”, but if you’re a 14-year-old girl reading this, don’t worry about any of that for now. Read lots of books and know that what you see on Instagram is just a very small fraction of complete and beautifully complex human beings." You can check her picture and Instagram post here. 

Emily Ratajkowski recently shared a piece on her mind making it absolutely clear how she feels about Harvey Weinstein's $25 million deal with his victims. The actress and supermodel arrived at the Uncut Gems premiere with "f**k harvey" written on her arm. Ratajkowski flaunted her outright message while she posed on the red carpet in Hollywood.