Fashion and styling is an inspiration from everyday life. We are often surprised by the many creations by designers around the world—some leave us awestruck, while others are totally bizarre. But these shades will surely impress you! Sunglasses made from denim—not just coated with it for funky texture, but actually made from layers of carefully cut denim. Don’t you believe us? We understand if you don’t initially, after all, it is hard to comprehend just how innovative these sunglasses are. Designer Jack Spencer shows how he creates these super cool sunglasses out of old jeans. The video will make you want a pair of it right now! Moschino’s Baguette Bag, Gucci’s Grass Stained Jeans & Other ‘Ordinary’ Products Sold by Top Fashion Brands at a Price That Made You Go WTF. 

Mosevic Shades of Denim, are the high-quality sunglasses handcrafted in Cornwall, England, from recycled jeans in small batches. According to Treehugger, the company was founded by two friends, Jack Spencer and Alex Boswell, both of whom have a background in sustainable product design. The pieces of fabric are pressed into moulds with a special synthetic resin to create a tough compromise material, which Moesvic calls Solid Denim. Once hard, the frames are then cut by computer-controlled machinery, then stonewashed for texture and appearance. Gucci’s ‘Upside-Down’ Sunglasses and Moschino’s ‘Croissant’ & ‘Baguette’ Shaped Clutches Go Viral.

The frame arms are reinforced by steel wires to make them sturdy and adjustable. Even the nose pads are built by adding more layers of denim. Yes, these glasses are really made of denim.

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Aren’t they cool? The accessories take two weeks to make and are sold for 195 euros each. If you love to experiment with your style, these shades could be the accessory you would love to add in your wardrobe.

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