Basava Jayanti 2019 Wishes: WhatsApp Stickers, Quotes, Messages and Images to Send on Lord Basavanna's Birthday
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Basava Jayanthi is an important day marked by the Lingayats and specially marked in the state of Karnataka. It marks the birthday of Basavanna, a 12th-century poet-philosopher. He was the one who was instrumental in the formation of the Lingayat sect. The dates of Basava Jayanthi change every year and this year it will be celebrated on May 7, 2019. The day is marked with great enthusiasm in the states of South India, especially in Karnataka. Other states like Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh also see the celebration. People of the Lingayat sect exchange greetings for the day Basava quotes and preachings are exchanged along with images of Lord Basaveshwar. On this Basava Jayanti 2019, we give you some messages, images and wishes for Basava Jayanti. Basava Jayanthi 2019: Significance, History And Celebrates Attached to Basavanna's Birthday.

Basavanna was a staunch supporter of Lord Shiva and he was born on the 3rd day of Vaisakha month. Lord Basavanna's birthday is also said to mark the beginning of a new age, which is called Basavanna era or Basaveshwar era. Basavanna was a great poet, social reformer and philosopher. He was instrumental in continuing a part of the Bhakti movement in Karnataka. He was among the great social reformers in this country who fought against societal injustice. People of the Lingayat sect thus mark the day with great enthusiasm, they exchange Basava Jayanti messages, images and quotes commemorating his teachings and lessons. On Basava Jayanti 2019, we give you some greetings, images and quotes to share on social media.

Basava Jayanti 2019 Messages

Basava Jayanti Messages (Photo Credits: File Image)

Message reads: Never lose heart while pursuing the path of trust. Live a principled life.

Basava Jayanti Messages 2019 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Message reads: Don't treat me like a stranger, Regard me as Thy man alone, Consider me as none but Thy son, O Lord, Kudala Sangama. - Lord Basavanna

Basava Jayanti 2019 Messages (Photo Credits: File Image)

Message reads: Listen, O lord of the meeting rivers, things standing shall fall, but the moving ever shall stay. - Lord Basavanna

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Message reads: Wish you all a Happy Basava Jayanti!

Basavanna WhatsApp Stickers

On the occasion of Basava Jayanti, you can also send your greetings through stickers and images. Download special Lord Basavanna WhatsApp Stickers and send your greetings for the day. WhatsApp stickers make it easier to convey wishes and greetings with just a click.

We hope the above images, quotes and wishes help you to send Basava Jayanthi wishes to everyone.