Basava Jayanthi 2019: Significance, History And Celebrations Attached to Basavanna's Birthday
Basava Jayanthi 2019 (Photo Credits: Wikipedia)

Basava Jayanthi is the birthday of Basavanna, a Hindu Kannada poet of the 12th century. Traditionally observed by the Lingayats, Basavanna who was also a philosopher is believed to be the founding saint of the Lingayat section. Basava Jayanthi 2019 will be observed on May 7. Basava Jayanti 2019 will witness various celebratory events across states like Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Basava Jayanti is a government holiday in Karnataka.

Basavanna, a staunch follower of Shiva is believed to have born on the third day of Vaisakha month of the Anandanama (Samvatsara) in the year 1134 A.D. According to believers, with the birth of the prophet Basavanna, a new era began. People refer to the year as 'Basava Era' or 'Basaveshwar Era'. According to scriptures, Basavanna was born on March 20, 1134. Hence, in the Panchangas, Basava Era count from Basava birth onwards in 2012 Basava Shake is 879. Basava Jayanti 2019 Wishes: WhatsApp Stickers, Quotes, Messages and Images to Send on Lord Basavanna's Birthday.

People visit Lord Basaveshwar temples on this day to offer prayers. Lingayat committees organise various events celebrating the day and people exchange sweets and greetings on Basava Jayanti. Lectures on the life of Basavanna are held remembering the teachings of Basavanna. Many followers of Basavanna visit Kudalasangama where Basav Jayanti is celebrated for six to seven day. Several cultural and spiritual programs are also held on this day in Basavanna temples.

According to historians, Basavanna was born in the 12th century in Karnataka's Ingaleshwar, Bagewadi town, which is 20 km away from Hungund taluk and grew up in Kudalasangama. His father's name was Madaras and mother's name was Madalambe. He married Gangambikel, the daughter of Bijjala's (one of the famous Chalukya kings) prime minister.

A part of his teachings translated to English reads:

Don't rob, Don't kill, Never ever lie

Don't get angry, Don't think negative about others

Don't self describe, Don't tease others

This is the way of self-respect, this is the way to get respected by the world.

This is the way of impressing my lord Koodala sangama deva.

Basavanna was a great poet, social reformer and philosopher and spread awareness on social issues like gender and social prejudice. He is also known for introducing the Ishtalinga necklace. Being the chief minister of Bijjal's kingdom, Basavanna started the Anubhava Mantapa called 'First Parliament Concept of the World', which later became commonplace for people of all classes to discuss spiritual topics. Basavanna's literacy works of Basaveshwar consist of Vachana Sahitya.