Black Friday 2019 Date: What Is Black Friday? Know History and Significance to Mark the Beginning of Christmas Shopping Season
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Oh, it’s Black Friday 2019! Brace yourself for another period of massive discounts as Black Friday 2019 is here. The Black Friday is an informal name for Friday which falls a day following the Thanksgiving Day. It is observed by a lot of countries across the world, of which it is majorly observed in the United States (US). But why do we celebrate Black Friday? Know the Black Friday 2019 date, history and significance to mark the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Black Friday 2019 Beauty Sales: Best Deals and Discounts on Cosmetic Brands and Products. 

The craze and popularity for Black Friday are so much that people line up outside the retail stores hours before their opening time. Statistics say that Black Friday is the busiest shopping days in the year for the United States and has been recording the most sales in a single day, since 2005.

When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday 2019 will be observed on November 29 this year. The day is observed on the next day after Thanksgiving. It marks the unofficial start of the shopping season in the holidays marked in the US. The Thanksgiving parades often end with an appearance of Santa Claus in the end, giving a sense that ‘Santa has arrived’.

What is the History of Black Friday?

There are a lot of theories that have floated around to determine the origin of the observance of Black Friday. It is said that when people recorded their accounts in their financial records, losses were marked in red, and the profits in black to show positive remarks. Since the day after Thanksgiving saw a trend of such ‘black spots’, that’s how the observance of Black Friday was encouraged by business owners.

What is the Significance of Black Friday?

Who doesn’t like to buy products when there is a steep discount available? The answer is no one! On the day of Black Friday, big brands offer discounts upto 80% on their goods. And these brands are not just mediocre brands.

Popular companies like as Apple, Amazon, Express, Victoria's Secret, Nike, Jordan, Puma, Aéropostale, Kmart, Target, Kohl's, Macy's, Best Buy, Bealls, Radio Shack, Walmart are some of the major participants when it comes to offer huge price cuts, combo deals, and amazing discounts on their products.

And since Black Friday unofficially marks the beginning of the fall-winter holiday season in the US, the day sees a large number of sales. Since Thursday is the Thanksgiving Day, Friday is observed as a Black Friday, which is followed by a Saturday and Sunday, the 4-day period provides an impetus to those retailers too, who are reeling under losses in different parts of the year.

Stores open hours earlier than their regular opening times. Some retailers open at 4-5 AM in the morning, while some start their sales at 2 AM in the night. Also, given the popularity of Black Friday, many brands have now started opening their stores from 12 AM midnight too. Xiaomi Black Friday 2019 Sale Dates Revealed; Special Discounts, Offers & Sales on Xiaomi Smartphones, Mi TV, Mi Watch & More. 

Speaking about statistics, in 2017, there were approximately 174 million buyers in the US who splurged around $58.3 billion in the Black Friday sales (isn’t that huge?). So what are you waiting for? Black Friday ha? Well, the day of Black Friday 2019, i.e. November 29, is around the corner and we hope you get amazing deals and massive discounts on this grand shopping day.