Ahead of Chandani Padva 2020, ghari, a popular local variety of sweet has started flooding markets in Surat. While ghari is a common sweet prepared during the festival, this year a sweet shop in Surat has launched 'Gold Ghari' -a different version of ghari for the occasion. Chandani Padva falls on a day after Sharad Poornima, the last full moon day in the Hindu calendar. Also known as Kojagiri Purnima, it is believed to be the most important Purnima Tithi of the Hindu calendar. Sharad Poornima 2020 was celebrated on October 30. Chandani Padva 2020 falls on October 31. Chandani Padva or Chandi Padvo is an occasion when residents of Surat enjoy ghari and share it with their loved ones. Bhushu is another version of the sweet. Kojagiri Purnima 2020 Special: Masala Doodh Recipe to Enjoy on Sharad Purnima Tonight (Watch Masala Milk Video)

Talking about the different variety of ghari sweet, the shop owner Rohan told ANI, "It is available at Rs 9000/kg. Normal ghari is available at Rs 660-820 per kg". Ghari is made of puri batter, milk mawa, ghee and sugar. It is made into round shapes with sweet fillings in it. The sweet is available in different varieties and flavours like pistachio, almond-elachi and mawa. 5 Easy and Scrumptious Dishes to Gorge on This Festive Occasion of Vijayadashmi.

Gold Ghari Made During Chandani Padva:

The preparation of ghari has a story attached to it. It is said that the sweet dish was prepared by the Devshankar Shukla for Tatya Tope and freedom fighters in 1857 during the freedom struggle. While it was considered to be an auspicious sweet, it began to be consumed during inauspicious occasions too by some people in the crematorium for peace to the soul of the dead.

Rohan also said that gold ghari is healthy and gold is considered a beneficial metal in Ayurveda. He further said, "We have launched Gold ghari this year. It is healthy. Gold is considered a beneficial metal in Ayurveda. It has been three days since its launch. Demand is a little below expectation as market is sluggish. We hope it will get good response in the coming days."

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