Eco-Friendly Ganesha 2018: This Ganpati Idol Grows Into a Tree, Watch Video
The eco friendly Tree Ganesha will grow into a plant (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

The ten-day Ganesh Chaturthi Festival will start from Septemeber 13 this year. Every year over thousands of devotees bring in Ganesh idols in different shapes and sizes and worship Him for the rest of the days. But it is a sad state to see many of these idols returning back to the shores in broken shapes after the immersion. Over the years people have shifted to using clay models or just one idol each year. But one of the eco-friendly Ganesh idols is made with red soils with seeds sown in them. Called the Tree Ganesha, it is one of the most innovative eco-friendly creations.

Mumbai-based sculptor Dattadri Kothur came up with this idea. He started his creations in the year 2016 and found support from several great personalities. The idea of having seeds inside the Ganpati idol is when one pours water on it, post the festival, it will grow out into a beautiful tree. So the immersion can take place on one's balcony or a garden. The idol will dissolve with the soil and the seeds will emerge into a beautiful plant. The idols are made of red soil with the seeds pressed inside.

Take a look at the video of the Tree Ganesha:

Isn't the idea beautiful? Plus one would always be able to cherish the memory of the festival and take good care of the plant. It is indeed the need of the hour to plant more trees. People enjoy the festival with huge pomp and fanfare but the environmental damage is ignored. This eco-friendly idol not only celebrates the festival but also makes a contribution to the environment. Are you planning on celebrating an eco-friendly Ganesh festival this year?