National Cat Lovers’ Month is celebrated every year in December. This month gives a chance to all cat lovers to show some extra love and affection towards these little creatures. Cats are unpredictable creatures that can be fiercely independent and hard to tame. They can also be shy, loving, affectionate, outgoing, energetic and loveable. Even though they make great companions, cats are misunderstood and treated badly most of the time. National Cat Lovers’ Day gives everybody an opportunity to get friendly with the cats around them. As you observe National Cat Lovers’ Month 2022, we at LatestLY bring to you some quotes, images and HD wallpapers that you can download and send to everyone you know as WhatsApp messages, greetings and wishes for the day.  Viral Video of Cat Helping Human to Retrieve Keys From a Hole Will Perk Up Your Mood! 

Cats were first seen approximately five to four million years ago in the early Pliocene Epoch. The oldest relationship between cats and humans was found during the origin of agriculture in the Middle East around 9,500 years ago. Talking about the love between cats and humans, recently, a skeleton of a cat was found buried along with that of a human in southern Cyprus. Though, some sources stated that cats had undergone some domestication in that region. Another common belief states that cats were domesticated in ancient Egypt because of Egyptians' great affinity for cats and the fact that these animals had social and religious significance in their culture. Here are National Cat Lovers' Month 2022 quotes, images and HD wallpapers that you can download and send to everyone you know as WhatsApp messages, greetings and wishes for the day. International Cat Day 2022: Watch Cute and Funny Cat Videos That Scream ‘Furever Love’.

National Cat Lovers’ Month 2022 Quotes

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Quote Reads: “Dogs Come When They’re Called; Cats Take a Message and Get Back to You Later.” — Mary Bly

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Quote Reads: “Books. Cats. Life Is Good.” — Edward Gorey

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Quote Reads: “Cats Are Connoisseurs of Comfort.” — James Herriot

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Quote Reads: “In Ancient Times Cats Were Worshipped As Gods; They Have Not Forgotten This.” — Terry Pratchett

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Quote Reads:  "What Greater Gift Than the Love of a Cat.” — Charles Dickens

National Cat Lover’s Month is an opportunity for all to honour the beauty, smarts and sass of our feline friends. Cats not only make less noise but they also require less maintenance than other pets. They sense when you need comfort and are proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels. Wishing everyone a Happy National Cat Lovers’ Month 2022!

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