Crescent will not be sighted today in UK, Turkey, Germany, Bosnia, Albania and other parts of Europe, the authorities have confirmed. The Ramadan fasts will begin from Monday, May 6.

Mosques in Birmingham and London are expected to issue an announcement following the evening prayers, on whether the Hilal crescent has been sighted in the United Kingdom.

London, May 4: Muslims of Europe will gaze the skies this evening in a bid to spot the moon. If the crescent is sighted, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan will commence, and fasts will begin from Sunday. If the moon remains unseen, then the first fast would be observed on Monday. Stay tuned here for the live news and updates on Ramadan 2019 moon sighting in UK, Turkey, Germany, France, Albania, Bosnia and other parts of Europe. Watch Live Streaming on KSA Crescent Sighting Here Via Makkah TV Online.

Muslims in the region will also keep a watch on the announcement to be made by the Grand Mosque in Mecca. As seen often, Muslims in the western world abide by the decision taken by Saudi Arabia on hilal sighting. For live updates on KSA Crescent Sighting, Click Here.

In UK, where the maximum number Muslims are residing among other western European nations, an announcement is expected from the key mosques in London and Birmingham.

In Germany, a watch would also be kept on the decision taken in Iran, which is geographically closer to eastern Europe. In Turkey, which is the only Muslim-majority nation in Europe, an announcement is expected from the government in Ankara.

While the world's western hemisphere will attempt to sight the crescent today, the eastern half of the world, which includes the Indian subcontinent, will sight the moon either on Sunday or Monday.