World Radio Day 2019: Theme, Significance of the Day Dedicated to the Radio
World Radio Day (Photo Credits: File Image)

Some may think of the radio as an obsolete method of mass communication, especially in the age of television and the internet. But one shouldn’t forget the rich legacy of the device and the many benefits it accrued mankind before the television and smartphones were invented. Radio is a powerful method to reach out to a wider audience at a fraction of the cost. Even in places where there are no modern methods of communication, the radio thrives. It updates people with the latest happenings around them irrespective of the person’s educational levels. To celebrate this important device and the role it plays in human development, the United Nations celebrates World Radio Day on February 13 every year. The theme for 2019 is “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace”.

Radio services, in the present day, are also changing according to the times. Media convergence has led to the change in technological forms of the radio like broadband, mobiles and tablets. It has thrived through the ages due to its dynamic and reactive nature. Citing PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat, Smriti Irani Describes Radio as 'Most Powerful Mode of Communication.'

When Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi introduced the world to the radio technology in 1899, he didn’t know the impact it would have on the world. More than a century later, radio has helped shape society and the way we communicate with each other.

Radio broadcasting reaches out to a wider audience of people, helping them become a part of the nation-making process. The radio also becomes a tool for governments to communicate to the people in the occasion of sharing news about national policies, guiding people in times of a disaster and informing them about any important developments on the national scale.

According to United Nations, radio programming can also build tolerance and eliminate differences that separate groups. In the light of current xenophobic and sexist events, radio can help inspire tolerance and positive actions for the future.

To celebrate the powers and potential of the radio, the United Nations observes the event to remind the world of this potent weapon and how it can help build a brighter tomorrow.