There was an era of the fax machine, then the telephone and currently it is social media. Since its creation, social media has changed the way we communicate. Photos, messages, videos, GIFs etc with the use of social media you can meet family and friends at any moment. To celebrate its impact, World Social Media Day is observed on June 30.

World Social Media Day 2021 Date:

As mentioned above, World Social Media Day is celebrated every year on June June 30. World Social Media Day 2021 falls on Wednesday.

World Social Media Day History and Significance:

Launched by digital media website Mashable in 2010, Social Media Day celebrates social platforms. Since the day it was founded, its popularity has been growing. People use #socialmediaday, #socialmediaday2021 and #SMDay hashtags to get involved in the celebrations.

The first-ever social media platform Sixdegrees was launched in 1997. At its peak, it had over a million users but it was shut down in 2001. The other major platforms of that time were Friendster and MySpace. The launch of Facebook in 2004 transformed the digital space. It has over a billion users. Currently, the most common social platforms are Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Whatsapp, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

You can celebrate Social Media by uploading a photo or updating your status on social media. Don't forget to use #SMDay, #socialmediaday hashtags. Another day to celebrate this day is to try out new social media platforms. For example, the Indian application KOO.

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