Chadd Black Says:  “Kolby Kash is not just another Chef. He and his approach to curating recipes and cooking is indeed an experience I believe everyone should get to experience!”
Chef Kolby Kash is a 29 Year Old Houston Native and Chef who possesses the unique ability to connect with people virtually by way of something we all love dearly, Food! He has attracted a following of over 100,000 fans and counting who have fallen in love with his approach to everyday cooking with family and friends.
Chef Kolby Kash Signing with Business Ambassador Chadd Black is truly a power play as we’ve seen Chadd Black partner with brands and lead them into big business a countless number of times, we know this will play out beautifully for the Chef Kolby Kash Brand and his adoring fans!
Get Ready #KashCookers!
The Debut Cook Book and TasteTest Meet & Greet Tour from Chef Kolby is officially underway and being developed by Chadd Black and The 713 Agency located in Houston, Texas!