Christmas 2018 Recipe Ideas: From Roasted Chicken to Mashed Potato, 5 Popular Traditional Dishes to Prepare This Holiday Season
Roasted Turkey (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Christmas has arrived and so is the time for indulging in great food. Like any other festival, food plays a major role in Christmas celebrations and brings along a list of mouthwatering recipes. From plum cakes, candies, cookies, chocolates, wine and of course variations of meat grace the dinner table.

Over the years, Christmas has become a secular festival and sees people of all religions celebrating it with equal enthusiasm. In most places, loaves of bread and cinnamon cookies are of much importance during the festival. In France, roasted goose stuffed with chestnuts is prepared for Christmas dinner. Fish pies are also enjoyed at Christmas parties. Christmas 2018 Fruit Cake Recipes: Relish the Popular Traditional Dessert This Festival Season.

While chicken takes the centre stage for Indians celebrating the festival, turkey is a must on Christmas dinner table in the West. which has more recently been replaced with lamb and beef preparations. As the big festival approaches, we have compiled a list of Indian and western recipes that have been an all-time hit. Christmas Cake Recipes 2018: 3 Ways To Make Eggless Cakes This Holiday Season.

Glazed Ham

Glazed ham is an age-old dish that balances various flavours into one. A whole ham is stuffed with a fruity mixture and glazed with golden syrup and jaggery. This dish is an all-time winner at any Christmas dinner.

Roasted Chicken

Chicken perfectly roasted is the ultimate food on Christmas. It can't possibly go wrong and is always relished by meat lovers. Depending on the spice tolerance of your guests, you can improve the taste.

Creamy Mashed Potato

You have got your vegetarian diners covered with this item. Creamy mashed potato is loved by everyone no matter whatever is your food preference. You can eat it with noodle or tomato soup, sandwiches, pumpkin pie, cheeseburger or roasted chicken.

Appam with Chicken Curry or Stew

The combination is quite popular in Kerala graces Christmas table. It can be had both as breakfast and dinner. Appam with chicken curry is one of the loved foods and is made throughout the year. Meat can be replaced with stew for those who do not favour meat.

Roasted Turkey

Roasted turkey with cranberry sauce is a traditional Christmas recipe and generally is the star of the dinner table. Depending on one's preference, you can stuff it with spices, juices or vegetables and sauces.

Christmas has become synonymous with merriment across countries and witnesses large-scale celebrations. Food plays a major role during this time and when old cookbooks are put to use. Christians in different parts of the world cook varieties of food and desserts drawing importance from their traditions and cultures. We wish everyone celebrating the festival a Merry Christmas!