Kali Puja is here, after we are done celebrating Durga puja with great enthusiasm and pomp. What is a festive celebration without good, traditional food items? From homemade macher jhol to aloo posto, from mishti doi to Begun Bhaja, why not celebrate Kali Puja in a food-festive way? The street food of Kolkata during the puja is everyone's favourite. But what if you can prepare some of the best from the Bengali cuisine at home? Let us share with you some of the most special food items you can prepare at home during Kali Puja. The celebration is incomplete without some of the most amazing food items. An amazing non-veg food item is always a big favourite. Kali Puja 2021 Date, Shubh Muhurat & Kali Chaudas Tithi: From Puja Vidhi to Amavasya Time & Significance, Everything You Need To Know About Shyama Puja Celebrated During Diwali.

1. Luchi

Luchi is one of the most loved foods. Luchis with curry or kheer makes for a special addition to the breakfast that you can make easily at home. Here's how to make luchi at home:

2. Aloo Torkari

Aloo torkari aka curry is another amazing item one can make during Kali Puja. Aloo torkari pairs perfectly with luchi. Here's how to make aloo torkari easily at home:

3. Sandesh

What even is a celebration without sweets? No Sandesh means no pujo. This popular sweet from Bengal is made out of milk or chenna. You can also decorate sandesh with saffron and almonds. You can make Sandesh at home:

4. Tangra Macher Jhol

Do you know how iconic is Macher Jhol in Bengali cuisine? But Tangra Macher Jhol surpasses all. It is made in a spicy curry with a mouth-watering gravy to eat with hot rice. Here's a recipe:

5. Shukto

The name may sound strange, but it is a staple Bengali food. Shukto is made of brinjal, potato, burri, some fresh green vegetables. Its gravy is made up of milk. Here's a recipe:

6. Mutton Biryani

You can't end the celebration without eating Mutton Biryani made using ghee. Vegetable raita goes well with it. Here's a recipe:

In most states of India, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped on the new moon day of Diwali when non-veg food is not consumed. However, in states like West Bengal, Orissa and Assam, Maa Kali is worshipped on this day and people feast. It is believed that on this day Kali appeared along with 64,000 Yaginis and the puja is performed at midnight.

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