Lime and Lemon Aren't The Same! Know The Difference Between Two Citrus Fruits
Difference between lime and a lemon (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The summer season has begun and it is time we start heading out to juice stalls. Among all the beverages, lemonade aka lemon juice a favourite and convenient option to quench your thirst and beat the heat. But how many times have you asked for lime juice when you actually meant lemon juice? Well, most of us have. But do you know there is a big difference between the two -- lime and lemon? Yes, although they may appear to be same, lime and lemon are quite different, but they both belong to the citrus family. They have almost the same nutritional value but they differ in many aspects like colour, size, pH values and even a bit in taste. Let us know more about the difference between these citrus fruits, their nutritional content and health benefits. And let's find out which is better. Smoothies and Milkshakes are Not The Same, Know the Difference Between the Beverages.

Difference Between Lime and Lemon

Lime (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Scientifically, a lime is called Citrus Aurantifolia and lemon is Citrus Limon. The basic difference between a lime and lemon can be figured by their size and colour. A lime is smaller and green in colour, whereas lemon is yellow and bigger in size. Limes have thinner skin as compared to lemons. Although both these fruits are essentially sour, there is a slight difference in their taste. If you are very particular about tastes then you'd figure. Lemons are sourer as compared to limes. This is because lemons contain more citric acid.

Nutritional Content of Lime and Lemon

Lemon (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Both these citric fruits have almost the same amount of nutrients. Both these fruits have a rich source of Vitamin B9 and Vitamin C. A lime has more carbohydrates, and less protein when compared to lemons, but it doesn't make much of a difference on an individual's consumption. Although lime and lemons do not have other mineral content, Vitamin C which is needed for the body to protect it against the regular wear and tear, is present in large amounts. Fries vs Chips Has Divided The Internet, Look What is The Difference Between These Potato Snacks.

Health Benefits of Lime and Lemon

Lime and lemons have anti-cancerous properties, which make a very strong case for including them in our diet. They are also good antioxidants, thus helping improve a person's immune system. They aid in digestion as well, so a lot of people prefer having lemon juice after their lunch. It is important to keep your body hydrated during the summers and thus drinking lemon juice is one of the best ways to keep your body cool even though when you are sweating on the outside. Vitamin C also helps in reducing the wrinkling of the skin, dry skin and skin damage due to the sun.

To conclude, both lime and lemon do have similar properties and both are essential for the body. Unless you have strong or a precise taste, using lime or a lemon won't make much of a difference. But since lemons have a richer source of Vitamin C, it is more beneficial to your health over limes.