Smoothies and Milkshakes are Not The Same, Know the Difference Between the Beverages
Know the difference between milkshake and smoothies (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Many people use the terms smoothies and milkshakes interchangeably. But there is quite a difference between the two. Even when you head to a juice parlour or even a fancy restaurant you will see smoothies and milkshakes separated in the menu. But most people do not give a thought to the difference. People also get confused about which of them is a healthier option. The basic difference between the two is milkshake is a dairy-based beverage.  Smoothies are made by blending of actual fruits and pulp which may or may not have other induced flavours.

Texture wise a smoothie is a lot thicker compared to a milkshake. This is because there is an actual pulp (vegetable or fruit) as the main ingredient other than the flavours. If you are a keen drinker of a chocolate milkshake, you'd be aware that it largely tastes like melted chocolate ice-cream. So essentially smoothies have fruits and fruits juices, milkshakes have yoghurt and ice-cream base. Shakes are more frothy.

Which is healthier among Smoothie or Milkshake? 

There is a belief that smoothies would be healthier because they use fruits, but it totally depends on the way of preparation. If you want a lot of protein intake then milkshakes are the best option. Some shakes have protein powder added in them. They also have a lot of calories.

Smoothies are comparatively low in fats, again depending upon what you order/prepare. If you order the heavy embellished mocha or honey butter kinds, then, of course, the fat content is high. A milkshake can replace your meal, but then even a smoothie can, the effect of milkshake would be longer though.

Overall, both the drinks have sugar in them. If you are keenly looking for the healthiest option, opt for eating fruits instead. Because fruits contain the natural sugar and also the other nutrients. Or just make it on your own and choose a recipe that suits you. You can always add in your protein if that's what you are looking for.