Cheesecake lovers, there is a day dedicated to cheesecakes! National Cheesecake Day is celebrated in the US on July 30 every year. The day is dedicated to the existence of the delicious confectionary that is everyone's favourite. While some people like the baked cheesecake, some relish cheesecakes made with uncooked cream-cheese with a base of crumbled-biscuits. No matter how you like it, a typical piece of cheesecake contains more than 250 calories and around 18 grams of fat! And that is a lot when it comes to a small piece of dessert. But can you make a dessert that is essentially made out of cream cheese and lots of calories, healthier? Is there a scope that you end up consuming fewer calories whilst you also relish the taste of cheesecake? Turns out, you can! All you have to do is make some tweaks in your recipe.

Healthy Cheesecake Recipes

Keto Cheesecake

This is not essentially a low-carb recipe but is perfect for someone who is on a Keto diet. The taste and texture are exactly like the original cheesecake, except it is made according to the Keto rule.

Keto Cheesecake Recipe[Watch Video]:

Healthy Spring Cheesecake Recipe

Dr John Weaver, General and Bariatric Surgeon at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, shares a healthier alternative of the regular cheesecake.

Healthy Spring Cheesecake Recipe[Watch Video]:

Low Carb - High Protein Cheesecake

This cheesecake is as yummy as it the original fat-laden cheesecakes are. This recipe provides you with little tricks and tips that can make the regular cheesecake low on carbs and high in protein, the perfect dessert for muscle building.

Low Carb - High Protein Cheesecake[Watch Video]:

Easy Protein Cheesecake Recipe

This recipe is an easy alternative to the regular cheesecake recipe that tastes as good as the high-calorie cheesecake, minus the calories. In fact, it is high on protein.

Easy Protein Cheesecake Recipe[Watch Video]

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