Winter is often considered to be the season for enjoying various delicacies. Some of the favourite winter dishes are sarso ka saag, dal palak khichdi and in desserts gajar ka halwa, moong dal halwa always top the list. People from the sub-continent region cannot resist desserts. Sakarkand Rabdi is one such dessert which can surprisingly be prepared without adding refined sugar and even jaggery. Sweet Potato is one of the main ingredient used in this dessert preparation. Let's take a look at how sweet potato rabdi is a must try dessert for health-conscious people this winter. Gajar Ka Halwa Is Your Winter Superfood! 5 Reasons Why You Should Eat This Carrot Dessert to Improve Your Health.

Usually, in desserts, sugar is used in preparation, not only increasing the calorie value but also slowing down the fat-burning process. Sweet potato is low in glycemic index value and simultaneously it also helps in regulating blood sugar level. The milk, almond, cardamom or saffron used in the preparation of sakarkand rabdi only add to the nutritional value of this dessert.

How Sakarkand Rabdi is a Healthy Dessert For Winter

Sweet potato dessert can work wonders on your health. It fulfils the requirement of daily Vitamin C intake. The best part about sakarkand rabdi is that it can even be eaten by diabetes patients as sweet potato contains complex carbohydrates and adiponectin hormone which helps keep blood sugar steady. Sweet potato could also improve the immune system and make the body resistant to infections as they are high in beta-carotene.

Sakarkand Kheer Recipe 

If you find sakarkand rabdi less sweet, then, of course, you could add half a tablespoon of sugar in that. However, a good quality sweet potato would be enough to provide sweetness. It must also be noted that sweet potatoes, milk and other ingredients used in preparation contain calories, therefore, eat sakarkand rabdi in moderation.

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