Gajar Ka Halwa Is Your Winter Superfood! 5 Reasons Why You Should Eat This Carrot Dessert to Improve Your Health
Gajar ka Halwa (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Carrot is the winter season's favourite vegetable. It is loaded with vital nutrients. Carrot is used in vegetable recipes, biryanis to add taste to your dish. This root vegetable is popularly used as a dessert, which is known as gajar ka halwa. Most Indian homes prepare this dessert during winter as it is loved and enjoyed by people of all age groups. However, there are people, who stay away from this mouth-watering sweet dish due to health reasons. In the below article, we will help you with five reasons why you should eat gajar ka halwa to improve your health and make your immune system strong in winter. Best Winter Foods to Boost Your Immunity and Keep You Protected From Cough, Cold and Other Diseases.

Carrots come along with essential micronutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. They are also rich in fibres which help in digestion. Carrots also help maintain healthy cholesterol and prevent heart diseases. Having raw carrots every day can solve the problem of constipation. People often tend to stay away from healthy food, however, when served in the form of tasty delicacy, everyone loves to eat it. Eating gajar ka halwa can do a lot of good things to your body and can prove to be extremely beneficial for your health.

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Gajar Ka Halwa

1. Carrots help improve eyesight as it contains a high amount of Vitamin A. Apart from this, it also consists of lutein and lycopene, which are photoprotective nutrients responsible for maintaining good eyesight and night-vision.

2. Surprisingly, eating gajar ka halwa can also aid in weight loss. Carrots are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibres, which take time to digest and promote a feeling of fullness. This will, thereby, make one feel less hungry and reduce the overall calorie intake.

3. Carrot Halwa can help in lowering blood pressure as it is packed with potassium, which relaxes tension in blood vessels and arteries. This brings down the blood pressure and enhances the blood flow circulation, thereby reduce the elevated blood pressure.

4. Carrots are rich in anti-oxidants, carotenoids, lutein, lycopene, which are responsible for making the skin glow. Apart from that the high silicon content of the root can promote healthy skin and nails.

5. One of the best reason to eat gajar ka halwa in winter is that it helps in boosting immunity. The presence of anti-oxidants in carrots not only protect the body from free radical damage but also guard it against harmful bacteria, viruses and inflammation.

Therefore, there is no reason to skip gajar ka halwa this winter as it is very good for the body. Try Gajar ka Halwa with dry fruits sprinkled on it and in order to make it yummier you can add some vanilla ice-cream over it, which will enhance the flavour. Eating gajar ka halwa rich in desi ghee can also make you feel warm on chilly winter nights.