Coming to America when he was 6 years old, Balazs W Kardos, Founder of Limitless Lifestyle, saw first hand the epitome of struggle. His parents, arriving in America knowing very little english and no set plans of how they would survive, yet full of hopes for living the American Dream. Their hopes were met with tons of uncertainty, and it wasn’t long til the reality of life in America not being easy was very real for them.

Balazs decided at a young age that he had to help his family stay financially afloat. He took odd jobs from a young age just to help make ends meet. His first one, for example, at 10 years old was cleaning up carcasses, blood and chunks of animal fat. It was such a gruesome job that it left him with a stomach issue ever since. Another physical labor job causing him to lose part of his hand, leaving him in depression. Having fallen into one of the darkest moments of his life, he made the resolution to never take another physical labor job again. Although a very bitter, terrible moment of Balazs life, that decision led him on an incredibly different journey.

Missing parts of his fingers, leaving a job at a mill, Balazs was set on a path that would open up the rest of his life and the lives of many others. If he hadn’t had such an accident he could’ve been still working at that mil for $50 an hour till this day. Balazs believes, as painful of an event it was, it’s the event that saved his career. People all over the world, have days that they have no clue, why they are in a particular situation, they don’t know why they are feeling down, they ask “Why them?” Balazs story speaks to those people. This one event in his life is something that happened TO him, yet he responded as if it was an event that happened FOR him. This approach transformed his entire life for the better. It’s not about what happens to us in our life, but more about how we react to it.

Balazs would embark on a series of jobs that would eventually bring him ro where he is today. Yet, he made a promise to himself that he wouldn’t allow himself to do another manual labor type of job again. This challenged him to figure out ways he could make money with his mind instead of his hands. What he came to learn is that working with your hands is extremely limited, only allowing you to be paid for what you can physically output. Whereas working with his brain, he eventually would come to realize that the sky is the limit, he just would have to find ways to make money multiply to higher and higher sums. From a server gig, to a bartending gig, to an office job, to a sales job and onward, Balazs moved himself further and further up the ladder of success. His job in sales led him on a 3 year path to landing a $250K/per office director role. The money was good, but he would soon realize he wasn’t fulfilled..

MLM was Balazs' sure fire way to make passive income and not have to work so hard everyday. He sold healthy coffee while continuing his door to door job, and one day he woke up. His brother convinced him that his next endeavor should be to help his mom sell the water that had saved him and his mom from stomach issues. He knew he would have to replace a $20K/month income, and soon enough he did. Shortly after doing so, he would come to realize that the key to his success would be internet marketing. If he could scale his MLM system to a larger number of people, with less work, he would be able to make $10M+/year. It was a daunting challenge he had ahead, but he knew it would pay off. With 2 years of hard work he would finally pull it off. A system that works, generating him millions of dollars on autopilot.

Balazs’ journey from struggling immigrant to multi millionaire is a story that every struggling individual should hear. Through the hard times, he not only found a way to make it out, but to take his life to another level each step of the way. We all have our ups and downs in life, but the type of commitment and consistency that Balazs exemplifies can help us separate ourselves from the pack. We don’t have to stay down every time we fall. For every fall, there’s a rise, for every failure, we’re being led closer to our success. We just gotta believe.