If you're looking to spruce up the visual beauty of your home, houseplants might just be the right investment for you. Houseplants not only add that pleasant splash of green in any room but they are also known for a host of health benefits- they increase productivity and focus, lower stress, reduce anxiety and boost the air quality in your surroundings. And that's not even half the benefits of owning houseplants!

In this article, we are going to give you some handy tips and tricks for the following three plants- money plant, jade plant and aloe vera. They are some of the easiest and most beneficial houseplants to own, and taking care of their nourishment is a fuss-free and soothing process. Keep reading for more:

1. How to Take Care of Money Plant?

Money Plants are known for their positive energy, and their presence is believed to bring good fortune. Though it's a low-maintenance plant, there are some tricks that will ensure your money plant doesn't end up with yellow, droopy leaves.

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For starters, this houseplant seldom requires deep watering. However, over-watering can be detrimental to its health, so make sure to keep a 7-10 day gap between each watering session. Direct sunlight and low-lighting settings both help with its growth, so make sure to position your money plant in a bright but shady area indoors or outdoors. It also prefers humidity, so make sure to mist the leaves during winter.

2. How to Take Care of Jade Plant?

With its vibrant jade-coloured leaves and good luck charm reputation, the Jade plant is a popular choice for houseplants. People often complain that Jade plants die quickly, but this is not true if they are cared for properly.

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Make sure to water them deeply and wait for the soil to dry out significantly before watering again. If brown spots appear on the leaves or they start shrivelling, it is a sign that the plant needs more water. Abundant sunlight will make sure that the stem grows thick, and the tips of the leaves will turn red, adding additional beauty to the plant. Sunny, south-facing windows are ideal for ensuring a good amount of daily sunlight for the jade plant.

3. How to Take Care of Aloe Vera?

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gardener, Aloe Vera is a must-have for your collection. With its gel harbouring a number of anti-bacterial properties and vitamins, this attractive and succulent plant makes for the perfect houseplant.

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Aloe plants are made up of 95% water, so make sure to move them indoors during summer to prevent any chance of frost. They grow best in dry conditions; hence using a soil mix with building sand will help with growth. Place the plant in a sunny spot and thoroughly drench the soil when watering. Remember to water deeply but infrequently. This equates to watering it once a week during summer and once a month during winter.

And you're all set! Now that you have this handy guide to help you, we hope that you'll decide to invest in at least any one (or all, they are all pretty great!) of these plants. Happy gardening!

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