A Third Genetically Edited Baby? Chinese Scientists Defends Gene Editing, Hints at Possibility of Another Baby
Image used for representational purpose only (Photo Credits: ANI)

Recently, a Chinese scientist broke the internet and brought a severe storm in the medical world by claiming that he allegedly created the world's first genetically edited babies. He alleged that he helped create the first genetically modified babies- twin girls. While the news met with infuriated responses from all over the world, recent media reports by CNN says that the Chinese gene-editing scientist, He Jiankui, is defending his research. The reports further stated that there's a possibility of a third child being born after he announced that a separate woman was pregnant at an "early stage with a modified embryo." Gene-Edited Babies Controversy Condemned By The Scientific Community, Chinese Government Orders Probe. 

Yesterday a piece of news was circulated of him apologising that the result broke unexpectedly. He said to PTI, "I must apologise this result was leaked unexpectedly," said He. "The clinical trial was paused due to the current situation," he added. However, according to CNN He Jianku publicly defended his achievement and also said that he felt "proud" of what he did.

The associate professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, He Jiankui sent on Monday announced that the two ostensibly healthy twin girls had been born this month from embryos altered to make them resistant to HIV, in a video.

He said to CNN, "For this specific case, I feel proud. I feel proudest, because they had lost hope for life, But with this protection, he (the father) sent a message saying he will work hard, earn money, and take care of his two daughters and his wife."