Attention Fitness Freaks! You Need THIS Not The Gym To Be Fit, Says Study
Walking (Image used for representational purpose only) (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

There’s finally some good news for people who baulked at the thought of going to the gym. A new study flies in the face what was previously believed about gymming and fitness. It turns out, you don’t have to lift heavy weights or squat till you drop for good health. Just by walking six hours a week, you can stay healthy and live longer. The study was conducted by the American Cancer Society who found the connection between walking and longevity. If this has piqued your interest, read till the very end.

Harvard Medical School has also revealed that the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by 31 percent if walking is introduced into the fitness routine. It also reduces one’s mortality risk by 32 percent. Walk Faster to Live Longer.

The lead researcher of the study Dr Alpa Patel said that going for a walk even at an average to brisk pace can be quite beneficial for the health. Most people who are work nine-to-five desk job are tethered to their workspaces with hardly any movement. Here are Some Exercises to Work Your Whole Body.

A sedentary lifestyle combined with high levels or stress and a poor diet makes matters worse, leaving us more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. This can be easily fixed by incorporating a quick brisk-walking routine into your day-to-day schedule.

If it is a healthy heart and a long life you want, you don’t need that expensive gym membership. All you need is a sturdy pair of walking shoes.