The surging cases of Coronavirus infection, is entailing the need of vaccine each passing day. There is no doubt that the scientists of our country are working day and night to make vaccine. Meanwhile, good news has emanated from the Serum Institute of India, Pune,- the world’s largest producer of vaccine doses - where recombinant BCG vaccine is being tried.

This vaccine is not a vaccine for covid-19, but can boost human immunity against Covid-19. Thailand Begins Coronavirus Vaccine Trial on Monkeys After Positive Trials on Mice.

In an exclusive conversation with Prasar Bharati, the spokesperson of Serum Institute said that human trials of recombinant BCG vaccine are being conducted in 30 hospitals and institutes in the country including Ruby Hall, Jehangir Hospital, KEM Hospital, Pune. The trial of this vaccine, which increases immunity, is expected to be completed soon.

This is another variant of the same BCG vaccine, which is given to children during vaccination since the last several years.

Serum Institute doing research with 4 institutes

Serum Institute is currently working with 4 international institutes, for the vaccine. The first institute is Codagenix, Inc. of USA. The vaccine serum produced by Codagenix and Serum institute has been tested on animals and its human trial will be undertaken in September-October. It may take about one to one and a half years to finish the procedures of preparing the vaccine.

The second institute is Themis Bioscience GmbH, Austria. The vaccine that Serum Institute is working on together with Themis may take about 2 years to complete its testing and research. The third company is AstraZeneca. It is the same UK Company which has signed a contract with Oxford University for the Covid vaccine. Serum Institute proposes to pursue research with AstraZeneca.

Both sides are considering this and upon the completion of paperwork both of them will start working on the vaccine.

There is another institute which was not disclosed by the spokesperson of the Serum institute, but he has said that full information will be given soon in this regard. He said that apart from this, no other vaccine trial is currently being conducted on behalf of the Serum Institute of India.

The Serum Institute has clarified that the institute has no involvement in the Human Trial of vaccine at Naidu Hospital, Pune.

(This article has been sourced from Prasar Bharati News Services as part of Coronavirus coverage)

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