Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop in Trouble for Selling Pregnancy Vitamins That May Be Dangerous for the Foetus!
Gwyneth Paltrow and the Goop product (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons/ Goop)

Gwyneth Paltrow figures among the most-hated celebs on the internet, right up in the list with the Kardashian clan and Justin Bieber. And a recent incident involving her wellness brand Goop hasn’t helped endear her to the masses either. She’s under fire for selling a vitamin supplement The Mother Load, meant for expectant and pregnant mothers, which according to the website, is a “top-of-the-line natal protocol.” The website recommends that women take it before conception and while they are pregnant. The pills reportedly contain 60 percent of the daily vitamin A requirement meant for pregnant women and 110 percent of the daily value meant for others.

But the British National Health Service (NHS), a dietetic association, is not all that impressed. They have reasons to believe that the dietary supplement may be the worst thing for pregnant women. According to The Sunday Times, The Good Thinking Society, a non-profit organisation that targets pseudoscience, has also submitted a complaint against Goop to the National Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority. Gwyneth Paltrow Admits to ‘Thinking About D*ck’ in Viral Meme with an Epic Response (See Pic).

Goop’ spokesperson reached out to CNBC to clarify that their supplements are “safe” during pregnancy because they contain a “moderate” amount of vitamin A, lesser than the recommended daily intake.

Vitamin A and Birth Defects

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutrient, responsible for boosting immune functions, vision, cellular communication, etc. It also plays a role in reproduction, since it helps cell growth and differentiation, and organ formation.

Vitamin A is mainly derived from the diet, especially animal sources such as dairy products, fish, meat and liver. Deficiency of the crucial vitamin is common in developing countries that have poor access to nutritious food. Brad Pitt Threatened to Kill Harvey Weinstein, Says Gwyneth Paltrow.

There’s no disputing that vitamin A is an important nutrient. But too much of the nutrient, especially during pregnancy, can have devastating effects. Some studies have shown that an excess of vitamin A can cause congenital disabilities of the eyes, skull, lungs and heart. An intake of 10,000 IU per day is not recommended for a pregnant woman who has no nutritional deficiencies.

Goop Trolled!

Goop has already faced heat in the past for promoting potentially-dangerous, useless and expensive products such as jade eggs in the past. The website has also been criticised for its extravagance and Marie Antoinette-esque attitude of pushing unaffordable paraphernalia in the name of alternative medicine.

It has had constant run-ins with the medical fraternity who accuse Goop of peddling unscientific advice such as vaginal steaming, which is neither effective nor affordable.

An art installation “Hot Dog Water” has been placed outside the Goop’s first-ever health summit in Vancouver. The artwork has been made by artist Douglas Bevans, who lampoons the company’s fear-mongering tactics and unethical marketing techniques.

Bevans has been selling the dubious hot dog water for $400, claiming that it is keto-friendly and can boost vitality. The “experts” have been passing on these drinks to the attendees gathered at the event.